What nicknames can you think of for this name

So my Characters name has two names, the name Her “adoptive” father gave her and her birth name.

Her Adoptive name is Cascadia Lillum Snape and her birth name is Poppy Siria Johanna Potter

For Cascadia The nicknames I can think of care Cas, Cassie, Cadia Dia, Cal, Cali (from her first and middle)

For Poppy the nicknames I can think are, Pop, Opie, and PJ


Lilli, Lill, Casca, CL, Ria, Jo, Hanna, Ohanna, Cadie


Case/Cascade because I’m a sarcastic butt who will nickname my characters ridiculous things, haha. I also thought Lily for the first middle name or even just Flower/Ivy because her first middle name and second first name are both plants.

Edit: I’d also call her Vase because, again, I’m a butt to my own characters and her last name is Potter. :sweat_smile:


Nicknames that are not yet mentioned:
Cascadia: Di
Poppy & Siria: Pia, Pip
Siria & Johanna: Sirianna, Rianna
Siria: Si
Johanna: Joie, Joy, Ann, Anna

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Seized the Day & Poppa Jo/Hot Sauce

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Cassie is the obvi

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