What scientific breakthrough would you like to see happen in your lifetime?

You decide what that is and share on why would want to see it happen.



Medical technology for trans individuals, primarily transmasc surgeries. Because I’m a transmale and there are very limited and mostly inadequate surgeries available for female to male bottom surgery.


For the moon to be habitable for people who are fed up with all the crap in the world at the moment. Only them. :joy:


Anything to make healthy food affordable and accessible. Maybe there is a way to make GMOs healthy without the downsides

Can’t afford to eat healthy these days and I’ve been gaining weight because of it.


Can we terraform Mars too along with making space colonies?

I watch too much Gundam. :sweat_smile:

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In America or some other nation? I would love to see America change in that regard.

So, you want medical science to improve in regards to surgery?
Are there any other medical science practices that can happen in your lifetime?

That is an interesting thought. You’d think medical science either in America or other nations would progress in many areas, right?

Why do most things make sense than other things?

America yeah. There’s healthy food but it isn’t affordable. Sometimes you can get produce for cheap but the GMOs cause all kinds of health issues.

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100% effective and reversible birth control.

medical treatments for deadly illnesses like cancer and alzheimers, including preventative measures like vaccines. more reliable and accessible mental healthcare too.

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Yeah…that has been an ongoing problem that nobody is really voicing strongly about as they claim to be.

So, is this is capitalist thing? I feel like this is.

Oh yes to all of that!

I am going to go slightly off topic here, but I’ve always noticed this, yet could come up with a clear answer for this question.

Why create weapons of mass destruction as oppose to a drug that makes something like cancer or any other deadly terminal illness cease to exist?

Does it really take longer to heal a person than it does to destroy one?

Probably thinking too much on this…I am sorry.

• being able to clone just part of an animal so that we could eat cheeseburgers and wear suede and leather without harming any animals

• being able to create or replicate water so that we won’t have any more water shortages as population increases

• teleportation so that I could disappear from the backyard while the dog’s hunting for the frisbee I just threw while I go inside the house and watch TV (>‿◠):v:


I wanna clone myself and put myself in an office and have many churro ghostwriters finish my stories lol


Yes, that’s what I’d want for personal reasons. It would also be good if medical science in general was perfected. Everything from a cure to cancer to a cure for the common cold. They’ve already made huge advancements, but big pharma wouldn’t make as much money if they actually used those advancements, so we’re stuck with what we’ve got because of greed. If we could develop the technology to put an end to greed and corruption, then we’d have much more scientific advancements in all sorts of areas.


Again with the whole greediness of people in power.

Ooof. I’ll be the first person there.


Technology to make my Waifu, Slimer, real.

  • Nanobots that can cure any illness and also able to let you gain or lose weight, and making it affordable. And what I mean by “affordable” is being able to afford it even if you’re broke or in debt.

  • Self-driving cars (which we already have) or self-driving transport so we can get rid of humans driving cars. This is so we can start preventing car crashes. American drivers alone suck at driving, and that doesn’t include alcohol or drug intake.

  • “Smart” prosthetic. Basically, a limb that can act as the real thing through a device that sends neurons to your brain and back to the tech. I have heard of prosthetics that are in the process of becoming this way, but the movements are slow. Like, it takes a moment for the fingers to curl or for the arm to bend. And because this theoretical prosthetic (my thoughts on it anyway) is connected to the brain, it could allow you to feel things, too.

  • Creating artificial organs. Like the prosthetic, they’re already kind of doing this (3Ding them), but if it became more of an actual thing where those who needed a transplant could get one without being put on a list and without it being hundreds of thousands of dollars, then that would be a fantastic breakthrough.

  • DNA / Genetic age reversal
  • Patient-tailored nano-robotics medical injections for accelerated wound / tissue repair, disease elimination, and theatre-free surgeries (except for major operations)
  • Living genetic / DNA editing or engineering
  • Cybernetic implants (bionic ears, eyes, enhanced nerve systems and cognitive abilities, etc)
  • Cold nuclear fission / fusion (unlimited energy forever)
  • Portable Cold reactors for remote area / large vehicle use
  • Personalised, encrypted, AI / AGI assistants with full internet access
  • Humanoid robotics / cybernetics
  • Infantry supported (carried) laser C-RAM systems
  • Consumer or household level metal / carbon fibre 3D printers (suitable for any single print project smaller than a hatchback car)
  • Household organic 3D printers and robotic kitchens for tailored and creative diets
  • Commercial hypersonic flight (with Economy Class option)
  • Augmented Reality eyewear for everyday / causal use
  • Commercial space and lunar travel
  • Quantum PC systems and laptops
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You and me both, on the first ship.