What should I name my sequel?

Hi guys, so, I’m thinking about a sequel for my book, Tales of the Ten Tribes—The Scorpion Stung Back. But what should it be called? The description:

Fern Leaves has always worried she wasn’t liked. She worries she won’t find an Energy Ball. She worries her friends think she is boring. Most of all, she worries the charming new hero won’t like her.
But when some of her friends go missing, Fern realizes she was chosen or something special. She was meant to be a leader. She was meant to confront her mother, who abandoned her as a baby. She was meant to save the world.
Oh, also, she is a half-blood, a mix of two tribes. She attends this school made by heroes from all ten tribes who helped save the world.

  • Jealousy and Anger
  • Unliked
  • Kidnapped
  • Half-blood Academy

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Edit and put the bracketed parts on their own line. You have a broken poll right nkw.

Poll is broken but none of those names go with the other book but also are used heavily on WP I would suggest a revamp

I would make the sequel title match your first book. Tales of the… and then make it follow that. Tales of the Kidnapped, Tales of the Unliked or Tales of the Jealousy and Anger.

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Keep in mind that the last one is kind of a mouthful, so I’d do either Jealousy or Anger.

The name of the series is actually “Tales of the Ten Tribes”, but the actual book is called “The Scorpion Stung Back”.

Is it better now??


So far it looks like Half-blood Academy is winning.

Jealousy and Anger is second!

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