What's the earliest story you remember creating [doesn't have to be something you wrote]?

I remember writing/creating a picture book for a school project when I was four or five.

I remember making it with my mom (I distinctly remember putting a cotton ball on the pages so that people can feel the bunny’s tail) and for some reason, it was really, really DARK and had the worst ending possible. Basically, a bunny gets eaten by an alligator and everyone is sad and crying.

I don’t know, to this day, why she allowed me to do it, how much of it was my idea, and I have no idea what the teacher thought about it.

I’ll be introducing it in my next video, so that’s where I thought to ask you guys what your earliest creations are. Even if you didn’t write it, even if it was a play you did for your parents, even if it was in your head, but you remember it, tell me about it :grin:


Uhm. Well, since you’re saying “the earliest story you remember creating” I can answer the question. And that just happens to be Battle for the Photon Core when I was 11 which has since undergone multiple rewrites and been published :rofl:

As for the stuff from before that age, the only thing I remember about writing stories in primary school is my teachers telling me how much I suck because I’m “not creative enough” and saying I’d better not consider going into a creative industry because I have no ability to be creative at all ;-;


WHAT kind of a TEACHER is THAT???

They should have encouraged you.

That’s what teachers should do.

But look at you now :hugs:


All of my primary school teachers. Literally all of them. Not a single one ever encouraged me to do anything other than suffer and cry, and then i’d get into trouble for doing just that. I swore vengence on them :expressionless:

The power of spite is truly an incredble thing. All these people told me to never ever ever do the thing . . . So i did the thing :innocent:

I wouldve rubbed it in their faces but those teachers had since left the school. Maybe theyll see me on the internet one day :relieved:


You should be so proud of yourself for not letting them take you down :hugs:


Still wish i could rub it in their faces :joy:


Imagine if you actually rubbed it in their faces XD Smooshed that book into their faces saying “LOOK AT THIS” XD


That was totally not the plan i actually had :relieved:


It was like Dilbert meets American Gods, but with a lot less sex and a lot more wacky characters. It’s the earliest concept for a story I can name. I think it was called Reality Inc.



Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been immersed in worlds since I was a small child, but creating is a bit different.

I was 12ish when I was doing something vaguely with 12 princesses because I made paper dolls and wanted a background for them. I also played with my brothers and cousins with dolls, and those always were weird. What I remember from that is a glowing clown statue about 2 inches tall being called “Naughty Dude” who got in trouble a lot.

But there wasn’t anything cohesive until I wrote a story about a girl confessing to accidentally killing her sister–her older brother covering it up to make it look like he did it–and the sister malevolently haunting them, driving the girl to end herself by the time she finally catches the popular guy’s attention. Just her past being too much for a typical teen story. (I was in 10th grade. They already thought I was weird. lmao)


it was definitely Naruto fanfiction when I was in middle school. i can’t remember the plots (thank GAWD) but i flip flopped between SasuNaru (duh) and SasuHina (arranged marriage trope, yes)


I vaguely remember writing a story called “The Adventures of Mimi and Zarl” and “The Chronicles of Genesis”.

Yup, I definitely wrote those, but either didn’t finish or something.


My first book idea was for a graphic novel I wanted to illustrate and write, called Death Romantic, about two ghosts (a couple) taking care of a little girl who could see and interact with them. It was very “emo” and created in my cringe teen years, but it was near and dear to my heart at the time. I never really got very far with it though, as I would rather daydream about various scenarios regarding it than actually write anything cohesive about it. I never finished it. Barely even started it to be honest.


Do you think you still have those somewhere? :wink:

Also, was that the start of writing for you?

You think you would ever go back to it, or is it one of those “never gonna see the light again” type of things?

Sounds really sweet though :smiling_face:

Also reminds me a little of Beetlejuice. I’m guessing yours’ is probably less chaotic? :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’m probably never going to go back to it, if I’m gonna be honest. It was a different brand of chaos, but kind of like beetlejuice.


The very first story I remember writing was when I was 12. It was a Twilight fan fiction with me as the MC (self-insert lol). I remember it being extremely cringy, as all early fan fiction work is, but this is more of a “what is wrong with you” kind of cringe. :rofl:

At the time, I really wanted to be a singer, and I had this persona I was gonna use: my stage name was going to be Maria Black. So, the story itself was about how I was going to make it big. Yeah… it was all over the place.

It first started out as me running away from home, and as I was walking around a forest (as any edgy teen would do), I “bumped” into a hot sixteen year old. Ooooh, it gets better. :rofl: This sixteen year old was Jacob Black, and he saved me from these vampires who were trying to kill me. Afterward, he took me to his house when he realized I was homeless, and I met his family who basically took me in.

I then found out a family secret: they were werewolves. BUT HOW? His dad was a scientist and used his family has guinea pigs for his experiments, and so, everyone was a werewolf.

Because I was idiotic like Bella Swan, I wanted to be a part of the pack, but I was also… in the middle of becoming a major pop singer…? I guess the family had some major connections. :woman_shrugging: Here’s the kicker: I couldn’t perform and let people know I was me, so on stage, I was known as Maria Black and also had to look old or something, and in order to keep this persona going, I had to date 40+ year old men.

I literally have no idea how this came to be. I guess it was my obsession over Nicolas Cage and a bunch of other middle aged celebrities? :rofl: But yeah, something was wrong with little twelve year old me.


i never want to read my middle school era fanfics. i’d rather burst into flames lmao. i’ve always liked the concept of writing. i remember copying cartoons and writing squiggly lines because that’s how they showed writing. as i got older, i liked to read and hated going outside so i just made up my own stories. i started with fanfic because it was way easier.

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Heyyyyyy! I did that, too! XD I told my partner I used to do that and he said he never did that and never even saw it with his siblings, so I was thinking maybe it’s just a weird “me” thing.

I would write squiggly lines and read them to my parents, telling them “and this says…”

Maybe it’s the first signs that we would end up as writers :wink: