What's your hot takes about books, etc.?

I get what you are saying, but sometimes when an author tells people what their story is about, SOME people will hate it the moment the author tells them. It’s still irksome to hear, but people are weird like that.

Am I making sense or no?


Here’s my hot take:
(I shall try my best).

I barely read, due to being more a writer.

  1. I’m sorry but AuthorTube vlogs are in dire need of some diversity far as race and gender. It gets tiresome seeing the same old race and gender blabbing on about their novels. Like where are the other races, genders, and what not? When people of other races and genders do show themselves, they aren’t as popular as the others.

  2. Readers and writers aren’t as adventurous as they claim to be. They demand change, but aren’t afraid to take risk.

That’s all I got for now.


Is that Lightlark? I heard people were hating on the book before it came out because of the scandals and rumors surrounding it :stuck_out_tongue:

Instrumentals, okay. I can get behind that as well. But I won’t listen to them because I think it’s a pain to go look them up and find the scenes and be shoved into the author’s brain when I have my own brain… Kind of like covers that have real-life people as the characters. I don’t want to see that, personally.

Anyway, I have an idea for the perfect place for playlists. Audiobooks. It would be cool if a theme instrumental track played like a movie. That’s where I think music can make the reading experience more immersive.


That makes sense, but like, some people imply they have read it when they haven’t. If they haven’t read it, they would (or rather, should) say “That sounds like it sucks.” Not, “This is the crappiest book ever.”

But to each their own, I guess. :upside_down_face:


I haven’t done a lot of searching through AuthorTube and BookTube just because many have longer videos or videos I’m not as interested in (I typically stick to my three main choices whom are all white and female lol) but whenever I look something up to better understand something or learn more about something in regards to writing, I do watch outside my main choices lol.

My main shift is BookTok/AuthorTok which has a massive influx of readers and writers of various backgrounds.

Sounds pretty right lol.

I think that was! :rofl:


This is such the YouTube standard that it is rather sad.
I have some that I like myself, but seriously it gets tiring seeing the same thing.

There are Blacks, Hispanics, Asians, Men, and other races and genders out there who would love to do an authortube vlog and share their stories and gain some type of audience.

YouTube make some changes, seriously?


That story is so badmouth it’s really interesting…that it is popular or whatever.


Yes. I see that too. People complain about tired old tropes but if a book doesn’t use old tropes, it isn’t popular.

Maybe it’s because people who complain are louder than people who don’t so even if they’re in minority, that’s who we hear.


That makes a world of sense.


Oh my goshhhh. Yes. Ive been seeing this trend growing on IG lately where so many bookstagrammers are saying if you dont like a book, just say that and theres no need to say why bevause then thats just mean to the authors hard work.

Um, first… authors arent supposed to read reviews anyway. :rofl: if they do, thats on them. Reviews are FOR readers. If you dont like a book, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me why. I cannot stress this enough.

And yes I know that means I’m encouraging readers who don’t like my books to say why. But… :woman_shrugging:t3: I mean, why not? Why did the book not work? I want to know why they didn’t like a book I’m interested in so I can avoid what I cannot stand. Usually its hidden tropes like reverse harem or lots of smut that wasnt advertised. And sometimes when i DNF a book, I want to read reviews to see if I’m crazy or anyone else feels the way i do. Theres only one book i ranted about in the review, though. And that was bevause they misrepresented a group of people like me and it absolutely pissed me off.


Then you hate the idea of the book, not the actual book. There are tons of books that I hate the idea of because they aren’t wholesome enough, but when you get into it, they’re damn great reads. It’s like “Oh, I’m going to find joy in this?!”

It’s like this recent weird Sesame Street article that the whole point of was to stir up conflict between those who want hard age limits on content (the same way we do with books) and those who feel that having such limits are calling anything above that age immoral and evil (a much smaller subset would do that, so I get the offense).

My stance (which was extremely open) was that I’d prefer to not have guests on a kids show that had explicit content. People were incapable of layering what I was saying, using the basic definition of “prefer” to define what I meant. No, my stance MUST be hard against having people like Robin Williams on Sesame Street.

Anyway, the basic principle behind both tangential things is that exceptions to rules need to be clearly defined as exceptions and not allowed to be misconstrued as the whole rule…which is hard to do because it seems like half our culture is currently founded on exceptions being what rules.


I get so skeptical when a lot of people are saying it’s great. Because while a book can be loved by many people, it’s strange when not a single flaw comes out.


It’s frustrating too because it’s like I’m feeling less like a reader because I am honest in my reviews. Even if I give a book 5 stars, I might point out a flaw I didn’t like. But that doesn’t mean it didn’t get 5 stars.

I’m just kind of tired of the bookstagram community promoting this idea that leaving an honest review is bad. They believe the whole “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” mantra.

Instead of telling people to stop being honest, maybe instead focus on telling them to be honest in a way that isn’t a personal attack to the author? Some reviewers WILL start insulting the author. Which isn’t what I do. I strictly point out why I didn’t like the book. Unless you’re promoting your book and claiming the MC is demisexual when she isn’t, then yes I will probably get pretty heated in my review… misrepresentation is absolutely not cool. I picked your book for a reason and it was a fat lie. I got a gripe with that. Personal gripe.

My hot take is I think reviewers should be allowed to be completely honest with a book. What they liked and what they didn’t. It doesn’t make you less of a reader, reviewer, or a horrible person who doesn’t care about author’s feelings. I am an author. It’s the same way certain authors don’t like when grammatical errors are pointed out, whereas I welcome that. Please, let me fix my book. We don’t all believe the same thing and there are plenty of us who still welcome honest reviews. If I see a 1 star review, I purposely ignore it. It’s not for me. It’s for other readers. I don’t know why other authors can’t just do the same.


This is a rather stupid but silly ass hell hot take.

Authors should be a mixture of professional and fun when taking their photo for a book. Not super professionally stoic like “I am an author and my must so serious and a pro”. Instead I want “even though I am a professional, I want to enjoy this photo and show that I am fun-loving and a bit serious too.”

…I don’t know why that bugs me…


SAME. I love being praised as much as the next person, but I adore getting told why someone loathed my book because it can give me ways to improve. c:


I feel like it should be done the same with everyone else too who has to take some kind of picture for work. A bit off topic, but when I first started my new job, we did a picture day and my interim director (she was the assistant director, but stepped into a new role when our other director up and left, but that’s a different story) and she came in with a full business suit on. Our dress-code is casual to business casual, and even though she sometimes wears business attire, it isn’t often. When she came in to take her photo all dressed up like a business person, it kind of took me by surprise. :sweat_smile: Like, why do we have to look so business-y and serious in photos when we should also look like our natural selves—professional, yet fun and hip. xD I love business-looking photos too, but I just find it more relatable and fun when we get to see other photos that don’t have to be all “I want to be seen as a business professional.” Like, it’d be cool to see photos of people with their bookshelves as their background or a horse on the side or with their pet or with mountains in the background or something.


It’s 80s style head shots, that never die. People turn in a brief file of themselves and this professional photo straight form the Bowels of Sears Studio Portraits, mostly because photography was expensive to get into.


Exactly this!



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I had another hot take and I’m afraid to even mention this on instagram but I need to say it somewhere and here is the perfect place. :rofl:

I think authors (self published especially) should be a lot more transparent with their books when they’ve promised a release date. I’ve come across 4 authors now who I’m anxiously awaiting books from, and they said last year the book would be releasing on X date. But the date rolls around and you don’t hear a WORD. They act as if they never promised to release it. They don’t even say “hey things happened and I’m still working on it, can’t promise a date at the moment”. They just call out a release date and then never mention the book again. And it irks me. I would feel like you as the author should be obligated to update your readers about the change. Especially when it’s a sequel to a series we’ve been waiting for.


I can see that being annoying.

Me: Hey, this author I like is going to release this story on this date! I am so excited and can’t wait!

several years later

Me: Yup…still waiting.

Probably not that extreme, but it does happen and that gets annoying if there is an author(s) you follow/like.


AGREED. Like, don’t give a release date if you can’t stick with it. At least say you’re working on it or that there will be details released soon about its release.