When you look deeper into your story, you'll realize something you were not expecting.

Now, I discovered this before writing the novel which may or may not count.

Anyway, what I mean is this so look at my example and you may understand better.

Magecraft Mechanics:

The whole plot and mess started all because a demigod was sent to infiltrate a Mage Empire. This demigod ended up staying in that empire for years learning everything about magecraft that he wrote an entire book on the matter just to share with non-Mages. However, because of the book becoming popular among Machina and Gaians who ended up becoming Mages in their own right, the demigod fled before he could witness the world get torn apart in the process.

The demigod made that book in the hopes of uniting the world, but it ended up causing bitter tension. Yet the book vanished from sight only to reappear thousands of years later.

The demigod was meant to assassinate the Mage Emperor but ended up creating an oopsie that caused an all-out war between the Mages, Machina, and Gaians that is still going on strong.

However, if the demigod did assassinate the emperor of the Mage Empire, then that could have possibly started a race war too.

Either way, the demigod made a mistake in a sense.

What about you all? What is the deeper meaning within your story?
Hide them in spoilers.


In truth it is about friendship and human nature and accepting yourself

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That was beautiful…

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pulls out notes from class I just did cause this was literally the conversation (not even joking)

Ehem. Not all heroes are good; not all villains are evil.

This is a reference to the powers of Good and Evil that are held by the Balance Keeps. Xix, the morally good character, holds the power of Evil. Amneris, the morally grey/near antihero character, holds the power of Good.

Being the “Chosen One” is overrated.

Seriously, it causes more problems for Amneris and Xix than literally anything else.

Just because something is dead doesn’t mean it’s burried.

Majority of my main cast is dead. There are also cases where not-immortals come back from certain death like SUPRISE BIATCHES and cause more problems. Old plot points also tend to pop up every now and then.

Sometimes bad guys are just idiots.

Basically Tara’s entire story, Jennix’s entire story, and some of Kek’s story.


So, you mean the deeper meaning in your story is that one seemingly small mistake can have dire consequences that might not be clear in the beginning?

Idk about the deeper meaning in my current rat story…although I do want it to be about family.

I have nothing to hide :stuck_out_tongue:

Pinti’s story is about accepting help and that asking for help is not a weakness. She’s often all about “I can do this myself.” This also comes from a place of distrust. She doesn’t trust anyone else to do what she wants to accomplish which is saving her race. There are plenty of Humans trying to help her race, but she sees them all as they are pitying her or think she can’t try to help her own race.

Eryn’s story is slightly similar to Pinti’s but from the other side. Being compassionate is a vulnerability for Eryn and the story is learning why it’s important to help and be compassionate and that it’s okay to want to help others out of the good of your heart. You don’t have to do it to gain something from it. Eryn’s whole thing is about getting rid of that popular-girls-don’t-care-unless mentality.

But part of your post seems to be asking what is something unexpected that came out in your story as in a plot thing or a world building thing.

So, for my rat story, it’s probably this idea that New Sollei somehow attracts portals. I don’t have one portal story linked to this fictional state but at least two, possibly three. And each one has some jewelry or gem as the key to getting into the other realm.

Also, apparently, there’s five realms connected to New Sollei. So far, the Underland-Uppland realm (inspired by Wonderland) and the underwater realm (inspired by the legend of Atlantis) and now this forest realm (inspired by Grimm’s fairytales). Idk what else I would do with this, but potentially I’ll have another character stumbling in somewhere :smirk:

I have actually considered the Hundred-Acre Wood.


That and when you look really deep into your plot/story you notice something hidden that actually caused the plot to start.

Wait, that’s what you stated, right? Am I repeating things?


Idk, my brain is off XD

If you mean about something hidden in the plot, that’s probably like a message, right?


So is mine.

I thought I could explain it but I guess I could not.
Sorry about that.


I can’t explain anything right now XD

No worries.

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Ah, alrighty then.

Thanks for understanding.

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Well, I make no bones about Begging is for Losers being about how the werewolf Goddess uses people as tools, and that the MC gave up her own personality and life to be used: but she can’t remember.

In this case, it was necessary because a potential malevolent God was in the process of entering this universe, and the Goddess’ was hoping to change the outcome without ever showing up herself.