When you see these political party and alliance names...what is your first thought?

Political Parties:
Western Future Union.
Universal Pacifism Movement.
Liberal Fatherland Group.
Prime Civil Rights League.

The Nations of Liberation.
The Confederacy of Global Jurisdiction.
World Redemption Union.
Reincarnation Ascendancy Federation.

Select one or two or do them and then tell me your thoughts on them.


NOTE: I don’t think I will use any of these in a novel…maybe…probably…I really don’t know…yet.

So, don’t ask if this will be in a novel of mine because my answer is I have no idea…yet.

Well, my first thought upon seeing Western Future Union was that it seemed innocuous, but then I felt like it could probably be the name of a white supremacist group.

Universal Pacifism Movement reminds me of the Quaker religion.

In the case of Alliances, World Redemption Union sounds to me like a Christian ministry.

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My first thoughts on these titles is as follows:

Western Future Union = vague af, could be anything
Universal Pacifism Movement = easy targets giving an open invitation to be oppressed or killed
Liberal Fatherland Group = liberals tend to be against the patriarchy, so having “fatherland” in the title seems counterintuitive/contradictory
Prime Civil Rights League = the word prime sounds pretentious and makes the whole thing sound like those white knight social justice warriors that tend to talk over the top of the people they are trying to advocate for and actually end up making things worse

The Nations of Liberation = Okay, this one actually sounds like it could potentially be something actually positive
The Confederacy of Global Jurisdiction = this just sounds like an organization put together to keep the police in line according to their jurisdiction area, which seems mostly unnecessary since we’ve already got systems in place to do that.
World Redemption Union = Sounds a little cult-y
Reincarnation Ascendancy Federation = Sounds a lot cult-y


I avoid “Fatherland” like the plague because of current connotations. There’s been an attempt to conflate simple patriotism/nationalism with the steps beyond that which is extremely isolationist, bigoted and worse. It’s oen thing to like your nation and want to keep many things things the way they are, or want to revive the better parts of what they were, but there’s a turning point where it goes towards wanting to bring back things that should never have happened in the first place.

So you could play it as simple patriotism, but anyone reading that would have a hard time placing them as “the good guys”.


They all sound like parties that they already made on the Pacific Northwest, especially around Oregon.

These all sound like current globalist agendas.


They don’t appear to align with current Liberal, Conservative, and Libertarian political parties directly. Western Future union strikes me as a conservative or libertarian trans-humanist party.


Western Future Union sounds ominous… A bit like the UAC from the Doom Games… Corrupt and full of hidden agenda’s.

But I like this for a sus corrupt Party… :smiley:

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Yippies. Love to see it.

Sounds like the West has an agenda against the East to ensure a future or something… life imitates art I suppose.

I fully support.

This sounds like the neopopulist neoliberal hell we’re living in right now. It’s giving Brexit. I hate it.

UN vibes. I don’t vibe with UN tho I did work with UNICEF for two years. Not all evil I suppose.

Pure evil cults.


I like the transhumanism angle.