Which cover do you like more?

Title says it all, really. Since my book went live as a Paid story on Wattpad, they changed the cover and it’s really super lovely but I am just simply attached to my old cover. Plus I’m biased. So I need some clear heads and objective opinions.

So out of these two covers, which one would you be more likely to click on and start reading?

v1 v2

  • the object-based cover (on the left)
  • the model-based cover (on the right)

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I plan to stick with the new, Wattpad-provided cover anyway for a while, but since I have the rights to use my OG cover, I might see if I can switch back to it if enough people like it more.

( also would be interested to see if people can guess which one’s my cover and which one Wattpad made XD )


I’m biased though because I love model-based covers and that’s what attracts me to it more. I love faces and stuff like that. I very rarely read anything with an object-based cover, unless it fits so far into my style that I can’t resist. To me, I like the object-based cover but it looks like many of the other ones I’ve already seen. These look like two completely different books. The object-based cover leads me to think there is more than one main character and it might switch between characters, whereas the model-based makes me feel like she is the main character. I think the crown looks like it’s floating on her head a little weird but if I’m just glancing I wouldn’t notice too much.

Overall I’d pick the model cover first, but I think both could draw me to the story with a good description. :slight_smile:


The model one seems lower quality. If they upscaled it, it could be nice but it isn’t upscaled.

There are a few tweeks I’d make to the crown cover (the small print is hard to read, I’d make it one color), but overall it’s more interesting. Since I like that one more, I’m guessing that’s yours but then I’m biased.


They sent me the HD version as well, but as @Vintaginity mentioned, the crown looks like it’s floating on her head awkwardly and the higher quality pic makes it more obvious.

Maybe I’ll tweak around with the cover and try to make it look smoother, fix the colour theme, and make it more relevant to the story. Like, I dunno why her eyes are green–she’s supposed to be Asian-adjacent–other than to match the crown.

In fact I don’t know why she’s wearing the crown at all since she’s… not… royalty … but oh well, cover and title aesthetics :woman_shrugging:t2:

Thanks, that’s the kind of observations that I was considering as well.

Although faces on covers might attract a whole LOT of readers, I don’t want them to be attracted to it for the wrong reasons – i.e. expecting a light, romance fantasy when the book has decidedly NO romance.
It does have a lot of characters (although only one main lead), so anyone coming in expecting an easy, quick-read YA Fantasy might get a rude shock.


Yeah, I don’t mean pixels or resolution. It’s more about professionalism. The crown, for example. I’m sure a proper artist could fix it. Maybe it needs a shadow.

But also it feels unfinished, it’s like a cover concept that was approved and the artist can go spend more time on. I’m not sure how pros do the finishing touches, I’m struggling with getting to that level myself.


I have a lot of conflicting opinions and I feel like I can’t really decide.

Judging based on my love of just books with pretty covers the object is flashier and nicer for me to look at but the word placement is a bit confusing to read. That might just be me since I know how little people read inside an actual bookstore (the number of times they ask why x discount isn’t going through or where the pricetag is would be solved faster if they took the initiative to read everything.) But otherwise, I would own that hardback if I bought books solely on covers

But judging as a Wattpad user that knows how Wattpad greatly decreases the quality of an image, the face is a better choice. The images will be significantly blurrier and the very basic and simple-looking face cover will shine better than the crown one especially when shrunk down and in the sea with other small covers. It’ll be hard to identify the crown cover as a crown but faces are the easiest thing for the human mind to identify to the point that we see faces in anything if we can like tree bark.


I agree that the model-based cover looks weird tho. It’s hyper flawless and way too perfect to the point that it looks like some kind of 3D model as well as the art style of the crown looks out of place with the face. It’s like when you watch a CGI movie and you’re like “oh this is bad CGI”


I… wondered that too, honestly. The crown has almost no significance to the story.

Uh huh…

I’m baised, and I know your old cover.
But I like it more, because it fits the tone of the book more. I get what the model based cover is trying to do, but it has little to no significance to the story.
Honestly, both covers could be more story specific, although the salamander on yours is a great added touch. The thing is, it feels like both covers could be covers for any other book, which isn’t very great.
I also agree with the critiques on the crown and the unfinished look of the model-based cover

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I personally prefer your old cover! The new one is pretty but I just think it doesn’t capture your story as well.

And I’m sorry if this point is invalid but from what I remember, your story is Southeast-Asian-inspired, and it sort of irks me to see a model that looks more East Asian being used? Maybe it’s just me :sweat_smile: I’ve seen people substitute East Asian faces into Southeast Asian roles and as someone who’s not East Asian but is Southeast Asian it just irks me, but then again I haven’t really read your book yet so I could be very wrong :sweat_smile: sorry, maybe I shouldn’t have said that

Also, I planned to read it before it turned Paid but I guess I wasn’t fast enough! :sweat: I might read it from a community account though :eyes:



I had to fill out some character sheets, and in it I specifically noted she is Southeast-Asian-adjacent. Thus, brown skin and eyes. But aesthetics > accuracy has always been the case with cover art…

I did specify the lead male MC would pass as East-Asian-adjacent, so apparently they ran with THAT.

What is a community account?? What is this sorcery?? Anyway, depending on where you are, you can also get free coins daily.


Ah, that sucks! Yeah definitely go with the old cover if you can. Tell them that you’d rather use your own if they can’t represent your story properly :joy: I mean if they really cared about diversity and representation, they wouldn’t mess up the ethnicity of your main character, you know?

Oh, I meant a community account as in a normal WP account that’s used to run a community, in this case DreamlandCommunity :joy: since I’m part of the Dream Team—I make covers for their graphic shop and help admin one of their book clubs—I have access to the DreamlandCommunity account on Wattpad, and another perk is I get to read Paid Stories from there too! :smiley: They already bought the book from that account after I asked if we could add it to their library.


Ahhhhh I see, lmao and here I thought there were super-secret, super-elite clubs running through Wattpad or something XD

Wow, that’s one amazing perk. Well, thanks for purchasing the book! You could even be the first official customer! :laughing:



well this poll is so close I might as well flip a coin lol

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