Which one of these interesting superpowers sound like a pain to have?

Choose wisely because they all might be bad. LOL!

A. Body Link: Every single person on the planet is magically link to you. So, whatever you are feeling mentally, emotionally, and/or physically everyone will feel it. The drawback is that if you were to get severely injured or die, then so will the rest of the planet.

B. Telepath: You can converse with anyone on the planet mentally AT THE SAME TIME! The drawback is that you can’t switch it on or off whenever you feel like it.

C. Sight: You can see things that no human being can see and these things that you can see are beyond scary and/or incomprehensible. The drawback is that when a person touches you, they can see what you are looking at even if it appears to be nothing there.

D. Body Hopping: You can possess the body of any person you come across by simply touching them. The drawback is that when you stay in a person’s body for more than an hour, you will become a part of that body and your soul will cease to exist.

E. Renewal Life: When you wake from sleep, you wake up with a different life, appearance, gender, and race in a different timeline on Earth. The only two drawbacks are this happens every time you wake up from sleep and also you can never remember your previous life.

F. Deus: You have all the powers of a deity of incomprehensible power/strength/etc. The drawback is that because you have these powers, you don’t know how to wield them properly and cause more harm than good.

H. Dreams: Whenever you dream something at night or dream something when you are awake, it comes to life. The three drawbacks are it severely alters reality on a massive scale, it affects those around you, and you cannot stop it from happening.

I. Weight Loss: Whenever you eat too much food, whether it is unhealthy or healthy, you can’t gain any weight. The drawback is that depending on how much you eat you can lose a lot of weight in a matter of time that is very unhealthy.

If you can find a loophole or something, let me know. LOL!




I think C is something you can get used to. Horrifying, perhaps, but maybe you just see ghosts and creepy monsters now? E is doable because if I don’t remember what does it matter? Wouldn’t mind it, but I still wouldn’t want it.

Now, I respond to each. Enjoy :stuck_out_tongue:

here you go

Definitely do not want this AT ALL.

Brings to memory this really bad free e-book I once read about two characters who became linked. It was the worst thing.

Seems annoying, but idk, might be doable. Maybe if you reach enlightenment through meditation you can learn to turn it down, if not off.

This seems rather tame. You could probably get used to it. The drawback doesn’t even come to you. It comes to other people. I think you can live with it.

Now this just sounds like a curse. Not “you can possess” but more like “you will be forced to enter the body of another person and you cannot escape this, muahahaha!” kind of thing. Doesn’t sound good. But it’s a lot more doable than body linking. Body linking is just…no.

Well, if I can never remember, I wouldn’t care that I have this now, would I? Maybe the most tame so far? Maybe I wouldn’t mind this :stuck_out_tongue:

Okay, this is just overpowering although it depends on what the power does. Power is just too ambiguous here. And I think anyone can learn to control power as long as you’re willing to put in the work.

A writer friend of mine wrote a character whose dreams become a reality in a parallel universe and without control, she subconsciously creates all these parallel universes and ultimately created a multiverse. She couldn’t stop it from happening, as far as I know.

Well, what if you drink liquid food all the time? Or you have food put into you through a tube into your stomach or arm? Does “not gain any weight” mean you also don’t become malnourished?


They all sound like a pain, but the one I’d like to have is I. Weight Loss. I’d just have to learn to control it so I wouldn’t shrivel up into nothing. (>‿◠):v:


Or become a skeleton.


Yeah, I feel the same way. LOL!


It’s if you eat too much, you’ll lose WAY more weight than you would originally gain.

So, if you went to an all you can eat buffet to pig out and you somehow weight 800 pounds or something along those lines, you can drastically go from 800 pounds to shocking 180 pounds…depending on how much you fill your plate.

If you continue to go an all you can eat buffet for the whole entire month, every single day eating large portions, you will rapidly go from 800 pounds to 8 pounds or less.

So, if you eat way less or barely eat at all…sad to say you should be fine.


Anyone else???

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I’d be utterly repulsed at myself with the first one and feel a constant burden to keep myself well in check otherwise they’ll all die. Not to mention, I’d never be able to know if I have a genuine connection with another person, or if my desire to have a friendship/relationship with them overtook their own emotions, unintentionally manipulating them. It’d be a lonely, horrible life. Having the entire world dependent on the stability of your emotions, the bandwidth of your ability to control yourself, and your physical health sounds like an utter and complete nightmare.


That superpower is more like a curse than a blessing.


The time that passes in your dreams is the same time that passes in the real world. You have a dream that takes place over a day and a day passes.


Cursed therianopism is obviously sucky, but pretty cool. I’d rather be a werewolf than a vampire-the most horrific and powerful kinds of werewolf, of course, not the watered down erotica version.


I have this reoccuring nightmare where I’m stuck in some desert with a baby and have to walk across it to find shelter, oftentimes it feels like days pass. That would be pretty wild to then wake up irl (starving probably), but I’d take that over everyone sharing my emotions and health.