Which one?

Which previous idea should I write after I finish up Julio’s story?


Davie is a 24-year-old trainwreck trying to get by in a town in Ireland. His roommate, Brazilian Victor is also long for the ride. Things are going well, and the two start to warm up to each other… until Victor discovers a secret about Davie’s past that leaves him questioning more, and Davie questioning if he can trust Victor.

We Just Pretend

They were the Golden Couple; the diamonds of the limelight and the apple of the Papparazzi’s eyes. Adored and revered by many, feared and envied by some, the Castillos were perfect…

… Or so everyone thought.

After their open relationship with a co-star starts to sour, rumors of their divorce circle; the internet goes mad, and with it starts their sanity.

For now, the best they can do is pretend that everything’s alright… surely nothing bad will happen… right?

  • Davie
  • We Just Pretend

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Plot, I’d go with the 2nd. But I’ve seen the preview for bitter hag Davie. Negative writing can be fun.


:thinking: Yes, true and Davie is pretty negative lol. I have planned some of the first one, but not written it yet. Davie has been in my drafts for months now. (The first part).


The one with time travel.

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None of them have time travel though.

David isn’t Davie. David is set in the 1960s, and California. Davie is Irish and it’s set in Ireland.

I will get to David too, don’t worry. :joy:

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Honestly, that’s the only one I remember because the plot was so much more fleshed out.


Yeah, I know. I’m still working on aspects of that plot, tbh. I’m thinking about it and still planning it out more. It needs some more work for it to make sense.

The other two ideas are kind of a breather from a plot-based story. One is an exploration of the psyche, and the other one is about the consequences of being a celebrity if managed wrong.


I find hard to get interested/anticipate something that is this vague and prelim tbh.


The ideas I proposed aren’t really vague when you go into it deeper. It’s like an onion, in a way, well that’s what I plan.

David isn’t gonna be vague once I have it fleshed out, definitely not. Just needs a bit of work.


:smiley: ?

This is so close :open_mouth: wkjednfcv

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