Which quote do you find more appealing?

Personally, I enjoy these quotes (since I made them for a possible story) yet I wanna know your opinions on the quotes.

Here they are and choose wisely:

Option A: “Look at me, my child! Are you looking at me?! No matter what type of person you will grow up to be, you will never wash the blood off your hands. Today you are a murderer and if that is what it will take for you to make it to the top, so be it. Never forget what happened here today. Etch it into memories for it will stay with you for a very long time. The nightmares will come and plague your mind causing you to shake to your core. So, do not ever forget what you have done. Remember these words, my child. They may look like us, they may live like us, but they can never be us.”

Option B: “I fear many things in my life. From the shadowy darkness that can swallow me whole to the burning light that can set me ablaze. There are many things that I have a deep fear of but nothing more prevalent than Them. They are the monsters with forms and an appearance so vile, so obscene, and so bizarre that no mere mortal can grasp it. Mankind was never meant to know about Them and now we are doomed to suffer.”

Option C: “We are the makers. We are the ones who make the world and the ones who have the right to rule it. Our start was simple because we are the ones who reign over this world like gods. This world was never meant intended for the lesser beings who could never hope to surpass their own limitations. Nevertheless, we are the makers and we are akin to gods.”

Remember to choose wisely.

  • Option A.
  • Option B.
  • Option C.

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You can ask me some questions about the quotes I’ve made if you want to.


A is the most striking. B is a good start, too. C is the villain you shoot in the mouth with a catapult.

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Never thought of it like that. LOL!

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