Which Tagline Should I Use? [Poll]

Hey all :heart: I have 2,000 words worth of rewritten blurbs and taglines, and I figured I should finally decide on something. The blurb can wait for a little while (I mean if you want to give me feedback on it, I’m down, but that’s not the point of this topic). This poll will be for the opening tagline for Wattpad.

About the Book:

Genres: Supernatural Horror / Weird Fiction

Current Meh Blurb:

For the first time in years, Atlas feels like he’s separated himself from the misfortune in his life. He’s healed, he’s rented a decent apartment, he’s settled into a solid-enough-for-him job working as a grunt for some scientists. Now he’s (reluctantly) traveling to the spring snows of Alaska, where they plan to test the first run of their earthquake-harnessing technology.

But something goes wrong. They don’t harness the energy of an earthquake.

No. Instead, the ground rips apart. A massive crevice forms, leading deep into the Earth. The chasm lulls him forward like a Siren, telling him tales of his mother, of her laughter, of her scent of strong sandalwood, and of his life before her death.

Waking up in what he can only describe as Hell, he’s confronted with every misfortune in his life. Forced to befriend mirages made from his most painful childhood memories or pay severe consequences, he travels the twisted realm in search of answers.

So… which one is your favorite?

  • A young man is trapped in a twisted underworld, forced to befriend mirages made from his most painful childhood memories or pay the consequences.
  • A young man encounters friends and family he parted with years ago, lost inside a twisted underworld ruled by Chaos.
  • He’s damaged. He’s lost. And worse of all, his memories have come alive. If he wants to find peace, he’ll need to redefine what it really means to move on.
  • Atlas hears his dead mother laughing the day the ground opens beneath his feet. Plunged into the depths of Hell, Atlas must face his most painful memories if he ever wants to return home.
  • Other (I’d love suggestions if you have some)

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Thank you so much for your vote and your time! I really appreciate it :heart:


He’s damaged… etc has the best emotional hook for me!


Thank you so much for all of your votes! It looks like I have a pretty clear winner right now, so I’ll keep the “He’s damaged” tagline.

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