Who here wishes that they could create their very own font to type in?

I know I do.

I am sure that there are apps or website out there to assist with that.
What are your thoughts on creating your very own font that you can write in online?

If you don’t want to do that, what other fonts do you find appealing to you personally?



I’ve drawn fonts out before. They be a pain. Never bothered to make them useable, though.

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I’ve never designed a font myself, although I think there are freeware programs that help you do that. I’m always downloading fonts that are free for commercial use. I don’t have a favorite, though. Or if I did, it would be something like Poiret One. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


As a covermaker, I stare at fonts way too long XD I’ve never thought of making my own because I heard that you have to make sure you’re not accidentally plagiarizing someone else’s font and there’s thousands of similar fonts out there. I’ll leave font creation up to the pros.

As for what I like if I were to type up a story, Georgia if not Times New Roman. Georgia is like the less generic version of Times New Roman and I see authors using it. You’d use it if you don’t want to use TNR and be ordinary. That’s how I see it :stuck_out_tongue: It’s okay.

I quite like EB Garamond though and thought of putting my writing in that, and although it’s a little thick, I like Averia Libre but probably wouldn’t type in it.

Forum is another good serif although I don’t think I’d type an entire story in it because it’s a light weight font like Quattrocento which I also like but not for a book. Quattrocento is like the transition from serif to sans serif. When I design covers and want to use serif but not be so harsh, I use Quattrocento (but always end up swapping it out for something else in the end XD).

When I was in high school, I used to like using Cambria for writing until I began to realize it looks kind of computer sciencey, so I stopped :stuck_out_tongue:

I can talk forever about fonts. I know some pretty cool ones for covers.

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I wish I could create a full font type. If you need a book cover, using free fonts and a bit of photoshop can get you a title that’s all yours. I always make mine custom


This person turns your personal handwriting into a font and makes them available to download for free [link] (edit: the downloads are free. I dunno if submitting a handwriting is free). Though I’m not sure if they still offer the service.


Oh Lord, that would be a mess with my chicken scratch.



That is really pretty.