Why I’m typing so weird (please read)

Hi sorry this is awkward but I just wanted to explain why I might have a lot of misspellings, bad grammar, weird typos, and random capitalizations.

Due to my medical condition I’ve had a hard time typing on my phone and usually my fingers feel kind of like lead so I use speech to text which is incredibly awful at getting everything accurate and has this weird thing about capitalization and in general is a shitty shitty app but I do need it right now.


My typing skills are slow and wonky.

I hate it too, but I hate it more that I am not doing anything to better it.

Have you tried websites for typing or no?

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Thankfully I can type pretty well on a laptop. I make a lot of misspellings and what not but otherwise it’s pretty good. It’s just the stupid phones. And I got bad dexterity. Seriously when I was a young child I had to do dexterity exercises so that I could use my hands properly.


On a phone, you can forget it, I am TERRIBLE at typing on a phone.
Like I am so slow and bad at it. There are times I am doing okay for the most part, but other times I am failing miserably. LOL!

I’m not a fan of phone typing either.

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Same which is interesting because I do it anyway.
It weird…

Hey no one can get away from their phones nowadays

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Far as typing on computers and laptops, it definitely depends on the keyboard for me some of the time. Like my typing skills are already wonky, slow, and need improvement, but I just have myself to blame for not taking it seriously.

Yeah also depends on the laptop and type of keyboard

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True, very true! LOL!

I just blame my mess on autocorrect and fat thumbs. :person_shrugging:

Have you tried dictation? Text to speech for the phone.

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I am going to go a bit off topic here, but listen when I say this.
Can you imagine using that for writing a story?

Instead of typing on the computer or handwriting, you speak the story out and the documents jot it down.

Sounds challenging, right?

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I see your point, but I meant more for general chat here. On a mobile device. On a computer, it’s different if you have an adapted keyboard.

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Oh yeah. That can work too.

Sometimes, I do that when I have to text someone a paragraph that feels like I am writing a novel.

My typing skills are poor on the phone keyboard so it makes sense.

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oh fam you do not have to worry about that at all. i have zero barriers and still type like a fucking idiot, it’s fine lol

I reject what grammar school taught me

literary anarchy!