Winter Woods II; Chat and Relax

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hugs back before Lex can hug me


Close enough I guess haha


XD Thanks! The same for you too!
a grad speech? :eyes: I wanna listen XD

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Question of the Day:

What was your dream job as a child? What is it now? Are you working towards it or have you started working on something else?

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I had a lot of dream jobs as a child. One time I wanted to be a pilot, another time I wanted to be an architect, and at one point I considered being a research scientist. Now I want to be an aerospace engineer who might be a part-time author.

Well I’m working towards my goal. Engineering is my current major in college and I’m also taking writing more seriously. I plan to take a creative writing course either in the spring or fall semester next year.

also why wasn’t I in the taglist :sweat_smile:


When I was little, I didn’t really have a dream job so to speak. All I wanted was to be rich, so I guess I’m still working towards that XD Currently, I’m working to be a doctor (cliche, yes, but I like helping people :relieved:) but I’m not 100% sure yet.


Oooh, what kind of doctor? :eyes:


That’s a lot of dreams XD

That’s really cool! What kind of engineering are you doing?

I saw that you liked it and we’re already replying so I didn’t see the sense of tagging you when you were already there, sorry if it looked like I was leaving you out!


I’m thinking of a being a surgeon (general)~

everything is subject to change bc I can’t make decisions even if my life depends on it <.< / quite literally in this case


Who wouldn’t? I would’ve loved to be an unemployed billionaire :relieved:

That’s really nice! I could never do this because the amount of school-


I never really had a dream job as a kid. I don’t remember ever thinking about wanting to do anything, except I wanted to be like my Mum and have kids. As a teenager, that’s when o started thinking about wanting to be an author, probably around 14, that’s when I wanted to write my own stories more. I wrote before then but that’s around the time I thought about it as a life choice and not a hobby. I still do my best to write everyday, despite having gone to college for a subject I no longer want to pursue.

Aside from being an author, I’d be happy to just do any simple job to support myself and have a family in all honesty. I’m not overly fussed as long as I don’t have any stress, and I’m not overly career driven by anything right now, but there is always room for that to change. Some people get inspired for a career when they’re 50 so it’s all good. You can take life at your own pace and see what the future brings because not all dreams and plans work out but that doesn’t mean you can’t find something you love or at least makes you happy to do everyday.



LOLOL which is why I’m scared-
(but I’ll just leave it so that I scare the crap out of my future self :relieved: )


Yeah, I went through a lot of phases :joy:

Well at my university, we all had to go through this general engineering program called “first year engineering” for our freshman year. We could only choose our major starting the second year. I managed to get into my first choice: aeronautical and astronautical engineering, which I’ll officially learn starting the fall semester this year.

Oh it’s ok :slight_smile:


Mhm, I can see how anyone would want to have a family. I started writing seriously last year but idk if I should start pursuing it >.<

Aww, that’s really nice, I’m glad you’re doing alright <3


Whoa, cool! I also have a friend who’s thinking of becoming a surgeon. in fact that was the first discipline I thought of when I saw that you were working to become a doctor. What a coincidence.


Well, I know Carmen is studying right now and she’s enjoying it, but I guess it depends on the person. Maybe you’ll learn or grow to love the idea of being an actually Doctor

Ooh :eyes:

How is it?

Don’t forget me when you’re hired to work for NASA


It’s nice. The required courses for first year engineering are actually not bad. It’s just that I came in with credits so I skipped most of them, and ended up taking courses meant for sophomores :sweat_smile:

I won’t :slight_smile: but it won’t happen because NASA only accepts American citizens. I’m not American so :joy:

I’m more likely to work for Boeing, General Electric, or Gulfstream :wink: commercial aviation is what interests me the most