Within your fictional world, where is the story taken place at? What is the location?

My Turn:

My new anthology takes place in an empire called Kenorland then moves to a kingdom called Norboria then to a queendom known as Alyria.

What about you all?


It depends. Some I have in-city. Some are rural travel stories.

For In the Game of the Gods, it starts in a “shantytown city”, goes North over a volcanic mountain range, to a city built off the outskirts of a forsaken abandoned city that might be pre-histoirc or futuristic. It’s walled off, but most the well-to-do parts of the city have their water piped in from the dead city without knowing the means of clarifying this water. Then it goes through a grassy plain (North) and into a forest to go to a pioneering village (Northeast) that has been decimated by the evil within, then off East to a feudal castle which the ML is a “son of”.

The Assassin Journals are centered in 1 city, but some of the travel is into parallel worlds.

To Make a Kinder Children’s Tale it’s in “the city”, but the city is all the kingdom’s cities tied together by portals.

The Fairways Empire is from the Mages’ school (tied to multiple towns), to the closest to home city, to the family home, north up a plateau, skirting between multiple kingdoms in no-man’s land, to reach a dead kingdom that’s been sealed off, hoping the descendant can unlock the old kingdom.

My werolves are small town USA, mostly.


I am not sure yet, but I feel that the world is broken, so for my new story, the fantasy part will happen within one shard of the world (unimaginatively named Necrontia) with 3 locations, crystal spire, cavern maze of former glory and a romantic lake.


Well, it begins in the fictional state of New Sollei, which is near California. The majority of it will take place in a different realm where humans and animals suffer from a curse.

Haven’t named the realm yet.

There may be giants.


Kind of fictional, it’s a town im the Colorado Rockies


Don’t you mean there might be giants?


My magical cat book takes place in a fictional town called Vigilance in an unspecified state in New England in present day Autumn. The story never leaves the town and the aspen forest that surrounds it.

My series about ghosts with swords takes place in the afterlife which has no official name lol.


Call it Trenton


Just a fictional town in Florida based on real life towns like Palm Beach, Bal Harbour, and Key Biscayne, where everyone in real life is fantastically rich. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯


Most of the story takes place in the continent of Eosia (which is in a fantasy world of its own), starting at a rural town named Cherub Town. The rest is spent traveling to different places (including forests, another town, a mountain, a lake, and a coastal city), ending on a big island south of the continent called “Isle of Trusa”.


My story bounces around MANY different planets, dimensions and realms :joy:

Edit: All of them have different timelines, some have multiple versions of themselves, some realms can only be accessed under certain circumstances, some are grouped together but have different worlds within the realms. It’s crazy


The story takes place in the year 4745 on Earth. There was a continental shift that occurred two or so thousand years prior to when the story takes place, caused by natural disasters along with major wars.

Each area has been made smaller which means that the world isn’t made up of the seven continents and 195 countries as we have now. It’s separated by eight continents and no countries. All is ruled by a single government system, a similar form of oligarchy as it is ruled by a group of people called the Twelve Presidents.

The continents are:

Indina, modern day Iceland.

Verix, modern day North America.

Lakota, modern day South America.

Raja, modern day Russia.

Lesian, modern day Africa.

Vixir Prime, modern day Japan.

Enkess Islands, a group of modern day Polynesian Islands, some of which are combined.

Glaciana, modern day Antarctica.

Then finally, the Victorian Empire which is set on modern day Australia.


A friend of mine has made some 3D assets with a Goldeneye64 sort of look to them. He wants me to use these as a launching point to write some questlines and come up with level environments, around which he’ll build a game. Based on the assets I’ve seen, the premise I’m rolling with is that the player is a limo driver who gets in over their head and ends up being blackmailed into performing conflicting missions for rival gangs.

For level ideas, so far I’ve got a dingy apartment block, a nightclub, a casino/love hotel, a large ferry, a rural cemetery/farmland and a police station.

(More ideas are welcome lol, I’m writing this kinda blindly)


It takes place at the Empire island and in the second world where spirits and fae live.

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My story takes place in Huxley, a small coastal city with a long maritime heritage. It remains transitory even now, with a bigger population of students than locals on some years.

Every other street is named “Someone Memorial”; the city centre is small but packed on weekends; in summer when the students have fled, the tourists arrive in flocks in their sun dresses, their feet halfway in their flip flops, heels testing the cobblestone streets of Old City; the parks are empty at day but prostitutes, cruisers and drug dealers roam there at night; there’s never enough parking; the nicer homes on Roman roads are numbered in Roman numerals; the streets are clean; the bay is cool; too many kids have died trying to “tombstone”; the best fish and chip shop is Daphne’s next to the radical bookstore on South Hill, the locals testify, despite the sign on Cods & Sons by the bay that says Number 1 fish & chips in the country 4 years running! — Oh! And the radical bookstores! Three of them, and one sells magical herbs and odd trinkets (pilfered from the villainous Huxley Heritage Society).

It’s inspired by cities and towns in the Southwest of England, and Tblisi, Georgia.


All the ghosts have different names for it. Maybe one ghost somewhere calls it Trenton :rofl:


idk :woman_shrugging: Does it matter, “might” or “may”?


It takes place in Pyke, most often referred to as ‘the capital’. They’re on the continent of Panavora, which is divided into different regions. Pyke is located in the Zahirith region. Each region all has their own ‘ruler’ who is some form of government, usually a nobleman or general. This is done because Panavora is massive, but it also mirrors dictatorships and fascist societies in that their information is constantly filtered, and their fears always controlled. Although Panavora is comprised of different rulers, they’re all ruled under the current Czar and Czarina, Raphael and Ingris Typhal–who maintain control of the capital of Pyke.

However, there’s many different cities and settings throughout the story, but this is mostly where book one (and partially book two) take place. It was a lot of fun to write in a capital setting (with a massive forest surrounding Pyke) in which it constantly snows. But the other half of book two, when things become sunnier, was a breath of fresh air lol.

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There Might be Giants is a band I grew up listening to


I see. For a second there, I thought the grammar police took over your account :stuck_out_tongue:

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