Wizard's Helpers Needed! Join Our Social Media & Content Creation Team

Social media scribes wanted! If you’re social-media savvy and would love to help us grow our bustling community of writers, readers and everything in-between, do peruse this scroll further…

A day in the life would look something like…

  • Magicking words and/or images for WackyWriters social media accounts. This could include: status updates, writing prompts, blog posts, graphics, photography, etc.
  • Working alongside fellow scribes and the wizard’s apprentices on collaborative projects
  • Sharing social media content across the realm

A totally not boring list of requirements~

  • The most important quality a scribe must possess is an unbridled desire to contribute their magic to our community in order to keep it running and growing.
  • Experience with social media is appreciated – but not mandatory! We can teach you, we just need to know where to begin. :blush:
  • Scribes must be upstanding members of the realm (a WackyWriters forum account is needed).
  • Under-18s are welcome!
  • We salute creativity and initiative – sometimes you may have to write spells on your own.
  • Discipline is an art – scribes should be able to take direction in handling tasks, including requests to change or edit your content.
  • Teamwork makes the dream work – some spells require more than a single wand to complete and you need to be able to cooperate with your fellow scribes.

Drop your applications in this tattered wizard hat: [Click Here To Apply].

Once we have reviewed your submission, we may drop a papyrus on your doorstep, so that we can – over messenger pigeon – discuss your experience or availability. All prospective scribes will be notified if they have been recruited or not.

The Fine Print: It’s important to note this is a fully volunteer position. We understand that creating content like this is time consuming and valuable, but our current admin, mod, and social media team are working as fully volunteer for the foreseeable future. While we completely understand the desire to be compensated financially, it’s not something we can offer at this time. Please only apply if you are absolutely certain that this is not an issue for you.

Please feel free to ask questions below. ~ Jay


Hello Jay! @JCRohrer

Am I legible to join? I am 14 so am I allowed?


I’ll have to think about this. I’d love to help but also AP classes are a big time sink right now.


Hello! Yup, you are still eligible to apply. All of the questions, including the “over 16” one are just to gauge who we are working with! Thanks for your interest!


Okay :blush:

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Thanks for your interest! I am going to try and be as flexible for time requirements as possible. There is a check for “I don’t have much availability, but still want to help” for those people who are too busy to dedicate much time, but could still bring something to the team and want to be considered. You are welcome to apply at a later date as well, as I am sure this will be an ongoing process of bringing on new team members over time, so don’t feel rushed if you are busy right now but might have free time once school is over!


Can I join seeing that I’ve been rejected for the moderator’s position? I’d like to, to be honest :smile:


Hey there! Yes, you are welcome to apply! :blush:

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Will do, thanks :heart:

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When do we get the notifs?

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Hello! That mostly depends on what applicants we get and I am waiting a few days to get our first round of applicants before deciding.

Sorry for the wait!


I want to do this thing :neutral_face:


Me too:/

Although I’m too busy for this thing :sweat_smile:


I thought of a great blog post idea.

But I already have enough going on :sweat_smile:


I live in my phone its literally my job so most times people dont know if I’m emailing playing a game or writing and IM SO BORED.

I like wild shit posting :rofl::sob:


Feel free to apply :blush:.