WorldAnvil and Exposing Your Book's Secrets

So WA is just a site that helps you build your fantasy world and you can make articles (places, characters, plot, everything you could come up with) and thread them all together into your future book. It’s also used for DnD.

I’m using it and I’m just wondering if I should put EVERYTHING and help myself link it together to fix plot holes. The big issue is that it is public and I could use it to gain a following and interest in my book but if it has all the secrets then anyone reading it would have everything ruined for them.

So should I hide the spoilers and use it to build a fandom or should I do everything and hide it from everyone? I thought about writing a large border of BOOK ENDING SPOILERS at the top of certain articles so that readers have the choice to read or spoil it but I know that as a reader, I WOULD SPOIL IT FOR MYSELF because I have no self-control.

What are ya’lls opinions?

Yeah I think a spoiler tag would be useful to potential readers. It’s not really about the readers though, is it? It’s your world! Do what you want. Add all the spoilers if it’s useful info to you.

I personally don’t use online wikis cause if it shuts down or gets compromised I’d lose all of my data :man_shrugging:

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I use QuollWriter, which does basically the same thing but it’s not public (though it does come with an ‘editors’ option where you can give people access to read it) and it’s not as well organized, but still great. Thing is you have to kind of manually put things in and organize it as you go as opposed to the site already having everything organized for you. But the mechanics of working it are pretty easy to learn and their help section is detailed.

Besides that, it’s free! You can donate to the creator’s patron if you choose to, but otherwise it’s completely free.

Only suggest this because 1) there’s fans who may get spoiled, and 2) although unlikely, if anyone was to steal an idea for a story (or the story itself) going to a platform that’s dedicated to people uploading their very detailed and intricate plots might be a problem. May not even be that they wish to steal it, maybe they’d use your ideas for a DND campaign lol.

I have it saved in multiple places. This will just help me web it all together better. I can’t make it private unless I subscribe to them. And a monthly basis is too much.

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