Worst Songs for Pride

I thought of compiling a list of songs that either have 0% “gay energy” or are just terrible to play at a Pride parade.

My top choice is this:

Don’t let the rainbow fool you, it’s not at all about the LGBTQ+ movement.


@JohnnyTuturro thinks this is better than a lot of the usual stuff they’ll play

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You can find this guy’s work on Itunes but I don’t know how people would like Garza Blanca

It means something like “The song of Full Moon”

I was thinking the worst song ever might be something more like this. (>‿◠):v:


At least it doesn’t talk about erections.

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Satire or not, this probably wouldn’t hit right at Pride.


I think it would be OK if it was a trans heterosexual man

This guy’s reaction is how everyone would react

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