Writing based discord server?

Forgive me if this is under the incorrect category! Feel free to correct me.

I’m looking for a discord server that’s active to talk about writing, does anyone know any? I there isn’t any then I’d be interested in making one but I’m not sure

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Dreamland is very active. it’s based in WP but caters to other writing platforms as long as you have a base WP account.

There’s also Writer’s Kingdom which isn’t as big but also isn’t based in WP.

Is it also fine if I don’t write the books in wp in english? Do I have to do anything to join dreamland as well? <3

As someone who’s part of the Dreamland Discord, you don’t need to have English WP stories (or even a Wattpad story, lol). As long as you have a Wattpad account, you’re all good to join :grin:

I can drop the invite link if you’re interested!

Yes, that would be wonderful! Thank you!

Here you go! :smiley:


The server is huge but we have a great team to help you out :blush:

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