Writing specific things

What are specific things you want to write but haven’t due to feeling like you couldn’t pull it off?

For example I’ve always wanted to write a pirate story and a book set either completely underwater or at least 50%.


Anything romance or historical fiction. I just adore both of the genres, but I doubt myself too much to write them ahaha.


Historical fiction is definitely a tricky one that results in a lot of research to be accurate in what matters to the time period.


Oh yeah, for sure! It takes a lot of research, knowledge, and a lot of eyes who have also done the research who can catch anything you miss represent. I feel like it’s one of the hardest genres to write.


It certainly is for a lot of people. I’m a history buff and particularly like the 1900s-1920s and the Victorian era but I know more about the former than the latter so writing in particularly the early 1900s is quite easy for me. But I would have quite a hard time with writing books not in those two time frames.


That’s so cool! :open_mouth:


Someday I want to write a regency romance just for fun that sounds exactly like Georgette Heyer wrote it. A totally different story line, of course, but I want people to think maybe it’s a long lost and newly discovered work of hers. ☜(ˆ▿ˆc)




Everything is Churrified anyway in the way your Narbify things :open_mouth:

Alexia's Key

A slider story with a pre-teen child for a MC. It was one of the 1st things I wrote on as an adult, so this has chunks over a decade old.

The thing is I can write. I don’t have problem coming up with ideas, I can plan, but mostly Pants…

But in this case, the story calls for a mature very young child: nothing explicit, just it calls for a mentally mature and physically immature child.

What I do know is the part I have done will have to be tossed out to write the story that doesn’t destroy my sense of belief. Probably Isekai it because that’s the safest route to believing an adult in a child’s body.

A what I do have is downloads onto Wacky, but I don’t remember if I published it or not.


The start to this is up on Wattpad, but I’m stuck with how much of this is just Werewolf romance and how much of this is supposed to be world building for other half finished stories.

To make matters worse, I’m not really enamoured with werewolf romances, although I clearly have half a dozen ideas for the silly things, have a collection and a Novella outright finished in it.

Anyway, MC is a mutant who is immune on her end to the Mate Bond. Problem is that the wolves are not, and there isn’t one such thing as rejection that works in that situation. Think “Hellen of Troy” as such a mutation.

I’ve got plenty of false starts and half finished and halfway through the series stories, they are all in some state of when the hell am I getting back to this. Just these 2 are the most severe ones, where there’s a chance of resurrection.


Hardest and not. Like Regencies are historical, but since the market has been “puppy milled”, you can put out things that have had very little research based upon reading about 10, 20 of them and I assure you it will be within the realm of “what’s already on the market”.

My rant about turgid nipples is from a Regency written in the early 90s, PAID FOR by one of the big companies of the time (probably Avon or Harlequin). The number of Regencies I have near rage-quit reading is larger than any other genre.

It’s disheartening that there is weak underbelly to this dragon, by it’s also a good thing: a safe space to try writing a historical romance.


A sci-fi. I don’t know jack shish about science or math. :disappointed: I attempted to write something years ago, a post apocalypse kind of thing, but the more research I did on what was scientifically possible, the more it blew holes in my story, and I let the story die. Just checked the old doc out of curiosity and I got 14k words in. :woman_shrugging:

Not that all movies/books follow actual science. Hollywood tends to exaggerate (Twister was referenced a lot on threads I was in) for the sake of excitement, but I didn’t want to do that.

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This is a short I read about 3, 4 years ago.


I got it in an anthology, may even still have the hard copy. I got this here because it’s a good example of “socially savy, technology inept” science fiction.

Not the greatest thing out there since sliced bread, just showing that some decent sci-fi writers don’t even pretend to know the tech they are making for their story.

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I mean I’m still writing it but action scenes are definitely a weak point of mine and I’m still trying to strengthen that area of my writing. I do put off writing when I get to those scenes but I just have to keep writing. The more I write it, the more I understand it hopefully

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Me, too.

But I barely know where starboard is.

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If somebody asked me which way was north I literally couldn’t tell them. I am planning on creating a journal on edible plants and those that can be used for medicine so maybe I’ll include what directions some of those grown on (this is a incase of an emergency journal so I really should of thought of adding that earlier).

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Steampunk or dieselpunk story. Also, magitek stories. I wish I could write them, b/c they’re so cool, but I just don’t have the technical imagination for them.

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I have a very thematically strong historical fic idea, but I don’t feel ready to pull it off, and it would also require a ton of research, and I also don’t think I’m the right person to write this story right now.

It’s a post civil-war story that tackles the stigma and racism issues in high society and how a sisterly bond is formed between a former slave / nanny to a rich kid and the kid after the kid’s parents die

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That would be so cool!!

I’ve always wanted to write an historical fiction novel (or multiple, technically, as one would be about pirates, another a horror novel about Elizabeth Bathory, and another about royalty) but I’ve been scared to write them because while I love historical fiction, I wouldn’t be able to pull it off as well as contemporary fiction…


A military science-fantasy with magic powered mecha robots.

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