Writing statistics

Hey. I was just wondering if I was the only one who does this.

Being a mainly visual learner, I like to make charts, which allow me to see data. For example, I will make bar graphs based on chapter by chapter word lengths. I did this after reading that writers should try to not overload their readers. On occasion they should write shorter chapters, but only where it works. This doesn’t mean forcing shorter chapters.it only mean try not to write back to back to back loooong chapters.

With this chart, it allows me to see how my story flows length wise. Am I writing too many lengthy chapters back to back. If so, can cut them down with detracting from the plot.

What are your thoughts?


If it’s over 3K, I split it into 2 parts. I trained myself to keep my chapters are under 2K

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As a reader I’m okay with chapters going long if they tell a story on their own. Arbitrarily splitting things into separate parts might be easier to digest, but I like the idea of each chapter having stature and standing out as its own thing.

As a writer, I write really long chapters by default and don’t care to split things up to make it more digestible. I’m telling a story in each chapter and they’ll run as long as they need to. I think this could be an interesting way to stand out from other writers, but in reality it’s probably just going to push readers away. I’ve just made the decision that I’m okay with that because otherwise I would have to change my style.

As for statistics I obsessively check word counts but don’t really go any deeper than that.

I try to keep my chapters 2K words at max. That allows about 15 minutes of reading time. That’s enough for some mystery, development, or cliffhanger to happen :smiley: It’s okay to go for a shorter one, but it should still feel something had happened inside :wink: The extremely long ones may on the other hand feel like a “drag”.

My best story so far has 1260 words on average per chapter. I think that’s fine.

The chart may help you to discover if some chapter isn’t too long or too short. That can be a certain pointer during edits where you can look if you can make it longer or put something into the next chapter.

I hope this helps :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t cut back just for the sake of fitting the word count that WP readers tend to favour (not saying you do… just in general).

I tend to stick to 1500-2000 words per chapter that I post. I like sticking around this number because I find I can get good writing content out for the story. Too less and I can see whether the chapter doesn’t have enough, or, doesn’t add anything (and therefore is cut). Whenever a chapter is longer, I just split it up and post it in parts! For ex, I have some chapters that have 2 parts, and I have some chapters that are being split into 3 parts.

I think having a chart system is a great idea! I personally just keep track the words per chapter/chapter parts in a notes app, but I think the chart idea is a great visual aid to have

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I write however look I need to in order to get a point across. Most times as a writer, we probably feel nobody really knows the story we’re writing like we do. For me, I get a “feeling” when it’s okay to finish a chapter, regardless of how long or short it is.

However, sometimes my chapters can be long. It’s actually a reason I have thought about quitting writing on Wattpad. I understand most users s are on mobile devices (a lot of times so am I), but it’s frustrating when you realize the reason you’re not gaining or maintaining readers due to the length of some chapters.

Luckily I have some loyal readers who will read regardless.

I’m not all about the numbers, but I do want people to read it and provide feedback. My ultimate goal is to publish my work someday.

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I don’t fret about long chapters or paragraphs or anything like that relative to standard Wattpad lengths; I only think about published books as comparisons that way. That’s raised some ire on the site, understandably, but I don’t worry about baseless complaints like that—and you shouldn’t either.

I write how I see fit and they tend to be long, which does draw ire, but I love my writing. It would be sad if I didn’t.

Then people say that you shouldn’t publish if you’re not looking to accept critique and change your story. Well not sure much change, but…

The entirety of writing cannot be summarized by a few active people on Wattpad, no matter what they think. Pride and Prejudice wouldn’t have found success on Wattpad. Neither would The Great Gatsby or White Noise. Take your pick of any time-honored book. I wouldn’t stress about it.

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Wow, this is sad. Even the classics are doing better than my book. P&P has over 9M reads. /weep ˓(ˊᘩˋ⋆)

I’m not quite sure what’s up with Pride and Prejudice being so popular on Wattpad; presumably it’s because it’s the progenitor of the regency genre, in a way.

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Yes, that’s true! I’d forgotten it’s a romance novel. I didn’t find it very romantic, but regency romance used to be pretty popular on Wattpad back in the day before toxic romance took over. ( ˘ ³˘):heart: (˘ᴗ˘ღ)