yikes i just fainted

Yikes, I was brushing my teeth when all of a sudden i got lightheaded out of nowhere and fainted. The actual fuck is up with that? maybe my sleep/pain meds haven’t worn off yet. but yikes that was scary.


Be safe… be careful…


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i always am

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That is scary.
Be careful and relax for a bit.

Then when you are feeling up to it try to do something that won’t cause an accident like that.

Does that make sense? If not I apologize.

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Yeah it makes sense. Right now i’m just sitting in my chaise on the computer.


That is good. Take a bit of a breather.

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yeah i was cleaning which made me a little lightheaded and i may’ve stood up too fast idk

i’m kinda clumsy and unsteady in the morning/when i wake up so maybe that’s it


I get like that. I tend to stand up too fast and feel a bit dizzy.
Could be my lack of iron or something else?

Also, I notice that when I stretch while I sleep, I get cramps in my calves that really hurt.
So, yeah, I have issues all around. LOL!

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not sure, maybe?

oh yeah me too. Same with my ankles. I point my feet in my sleep so I end up with sore ankles!

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Yeah…I will have to ask my doctor about that.

The charley horses or muscle cramps are really annoying and happening a lot more. Glad I am not the only one feeling like that. LOL!

Def get it checked out. mine is because i have a connective tissue disorder so if i stretch too far i can pull and hurt my muscles. but it’s a rare disorder so it’s probably not the case for you.

do you sit on your legs or crosslegged?

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No, I don’t. I hardly do that. Yeah, I need to schedule an appointment with my doctor immediately.

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It could be nothing, but a quick Google search could have you screaming into the ER.

yikes that is scary hope youre doing ok

exactly why i’m not google searching

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yeah, i’m okay. i think it was partially that im very physically unstable when i wake and stuff plus I was bending up and down doing cleaning and stuff in the kitchen and the bathroom so i think that maybe it.

i did one for u lol: dizziness is very common with eds.

also with eds, autonomic dysfunction or dysautonomia is a common symptom (fast heart rate, low blood pressure). My mom has just low blood pressure and frequently gets lightheaded/static vision while walking.

I definitely have a faster heart rate and a lower blood pressure.

Take it easy. I sometimes pass out from stress, could that have factored in?

Fainting is always scary, hope you’re doing better

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Yeah I’m still kinda lightheaded when i wake up but I think that’s normal for me.