You are studying at a magical university. What is your major and why did you select it? (POLLS)

Here are the list of majors for a magical university.
Choose wisely;

  • Ward Creation.
  • Elemental Magic.
  • Magic Survival.
  • Dead Language.
  • Dark Arts.
  • Mathamancy (magic that involves math? IDK LOL!)
  • Siege Mechanics.
  • Magic Law.
  • Herbalism.
  • Ward Casting.
  • Monster Hunting.
  • Telepathy.
  • Necromancy.
  • Dimensional Manipulation.
  • Magic Music.
  • Rituals and Rites.
  • Alchemy.

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Remember to choose wisely and explain why on your choice!


I chose telepathy because I communication is used all the time, and you can use it in many different ways. You could communicate with someone who is mute, or use it for secrecy, especially if you were a spy or agent of some kind. Ooh, I wonder if that would also open up the ability to communicate with animals or other species and eliminate language barriers? :thinking: I would be interested in how it would work and how far you could take it as well as it’s limitations.


That is very interesting. I like that you thought about it in that manner.

I would have never thought of it like that.

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Magic law would depend on what is meant:

  1. Magic police is fun.
  2. If it’s talking about the inherent mechanics of magic, that governs every other field, so this is like being a general practitioner.
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I like two better than one, personally. LOL!
I will accept number two.

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Lol thanks, it’s an intriguing topic to think about. A lot of them are if you dig into what they could mean and be used for and how far you could take each one.

Ooh it also might be handy to show people what you mean if they weren’t there to see it for themselves like a mental picture. I also am now wondering how long distance it could be used?

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True. :grin:

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Dark Arts…

Why? Because their is a little bit of me that both fears and is intrigued by it all…

Maybe I’m the “Next Evil Overlord of Earth”… But I’d rule with a firm yet, fair hand to all that kneeled before me…
I’m not the nice guy I display for you all… Or am I?


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You fiend!!!

Nah, I’m just playing! LOL!

I would love necromancy! I’m very into history and anthropology so it’s perfect for me!


That sounds awesome!
You probably learn a lot from the decease that way.

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Could you imagine you’re the guy who is the Magic Tower’s secretary/manager because you’re the general practitioner, having to decide which department is best suited to handling the query?


I never thought of it like that!

Well, most stories run through the head mage, the Master of the Tower.

But in this case, this would be the most crazy,y and powerful guy who orders your day on a whim. The secretary at the door is who gives your daily life purpose when the nutjob isn’t in your way.

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We can only pick one? Awwwww, I’d do a mix of those :joy:

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I’d go with Telepathy, so I can learn / study the other subjects of interest by proxy.

Dimensional Manipulation is a close second choice, studied as a Minor. Get up to all manner of skulduggery traveling between dimensions / time periods with my magic and world history knowledge (Telepathy included).

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Sorry, just pick one. LOL!

I chose dark arts because it seems the most practical to me.

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Necromancy, cause Nico Di Angelo lmao or Magic Law and my last pick would be Dimensional Manipulation cause the other choices feel a bit to vague or too specific like Telepathy. Though I guess you could argue that Necromancy is also a bit of a specific type of magic to learn it does have a more complex field of study.

On another note, wouldn’t Mathamancy just be Numerology? Since Numerology does deal with numbers… Though maybe a different term would apply for the ones that need complex equations and stuff.

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I have know idea! Maybe???

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