Your Greatest Strength and Weakness in Writing?

Nice! I’ve swung the pendulum of “pretty words” from barely there to WAY TOO VERBOSE many times. If you’ve hit that “just right” spot I applaud you!

Perfectionism is a bitch… because perfection is pretty elusive (an illusion). As a writer I try to remind myself that it’s okay if it’s not perfect, because as I learn more, I will realize just how “not perfect” past writing is, and that’s okay. It’s a journey and not a destination! I’m glad you’ve found a way to temper that impulse!

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I’m not sure what my strength is. Maybe it’s that I come up with interesting ideas?

My weaknesses are that I don’t finish anything, and when it comes to writing itself, I don’t feel my prose is good enough (granted, I don’t practice enough, but still).

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I’ve got stables full of characters and stories that never made it past an attempt at development, so I feel your pain on that one! Hopefully you can find something that sparks the desire to see it through to the end!


I’d say my greatest strength is in character creation, setting a mood, and coming up with interesting and engaging ideas.

My biggest downfall is lack of discipline, perfectionism, overuse of description, and overattachment to projects and characters. Lots of daydreaming, not enough execution.

In the past, my flaws not only weakened my writing but prevented me from being able to actually concoct anything worthwhile. I’m trying my best to work on my flaws now so I can get better :).


I…yeah that sounds like me.

Yess, I think a lot of it has to due with my general lack of attention span and ability to get bored and distracted easily.

Tbh, it’s been the biggest hurdle to overcome. But after taking a break from writing and coming back to it, I’m more determined than ever not to let these flaws get in my way and have even begun setting boundaries/rules for myself so I can keep on it and continue doing something I love.


ADHD/Autism is so irksome in that regard.

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These are all lovely qualities! I too am quite character-centric when it comes to writing… and usually I have to go back and ensure that I am including environmental aspects of the scene as well.

Perfectionism can really be a bitch. I can remember when I was younger I could write entire chapters in a few hours. As I became more aware of the mechanics of writing, such free flowing writing sessions became fewer and fewer, because I spend a lot of time weeding out the errors as I go. I kind of miss those early, more carefree days.