Your Sudden Ideas [out of context]

This is not a brainstorming thread (although I might ask questions which you don’t need answers to if you don’t have them). This is not a writing help thread. This is just here because you want to tell someone that idea you suddenly had and you want to feel good about it :blush:

Gush about how ever many you feel like and how ever many times you want.

My recent ones as examples:
A twin-based retelling of the ice queen story together with spiritual-type of magick having to do with animals and plants. Idk where this is going, but it’s interesting. There’s a fire serpent? There’s a bear spirit? Kind of had the ice queen idea and the movie Brother Bear, and the book, The Girl Who Speaks Bear mixing together.

People searching for Atlantis in the ocean depths find something else instead. What? Idk, but it’s dark and sinister. Kind of thinking about a “looking-for-Atlantis” story take, but do something different. Thought about the game, Subnautica, too.

Historical fiction rom com with a woman named Margret. Nothing more here.


A mechanical eldritch abomination gets “reborn” into a young woman living in the country side, vvying to understand the monsters and people who are coming after her and her wife.


Mechanical eldritch sounds like an interesting combination of your magitech and the eldritch stuff you were talking about before.



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Witchy girl in a witchy castle doing witchy things.

  1. Titanomachy in Alagossia…and other famed Greek myths. I ALWAYS wanted to do this.

  2. An Alagossian cross version of One Piece meets Tower Of God.

  3. A Song of Ice and Fire with mechs. I WILL MAKE THIS POSSIBLE FOR ME AND ME ALONE!

  4. An Alagossian romantasy with heavy smut. I know which characters I would love to use for this story…:smirk:

  5. Fanfiction set in Alagossia, biding by Alagossian rules and lore.

These are goals for myself and something to play with in depth. I want to turn many story ideas into a standalone and/or series before old age claims me.

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Horror, like, The Nun (just rewatched it and wondered how would someone write it)

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