18+ Code of Conduct

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Welcome to the Wacky Writers 18+ Forum.

We have compiled this document to educate our members on what type of content they can expect to find on 18+ Wacky Writers, as well as what content we do and do not permit. This Code of Conduct supersedes sections of the Code of Conduct found elsewhere on Wacky Writers for the 18+ category of Wacky Writers ONLY.

By using this area, you agree to abide by the following rules as well as the Terms of Service. We also strongly suggest reviewing our Privacy Policy if you have any concerns regarding user data.

These terms may be updated at any time, without notice (though we’ll do our best to announce it), so we suggest checking in every once in a while to make sure you’re still in line with forum guidelines.

Changes That Supersede General Wacky Writers Code of Conduct

This section overrides the “2.L Content You Shouldn’t Post” section of our Code of Conduct. All other Code of Conduct rules apply.

Content You Can Post in the 18+ Category

1. Sexual Content

The 18+ category allows for posting of sexual content as long as it abides by the following rules:

1.A Pornographic Content

Wacky Writers considers content "pornographic” when it portrays sexual subject matter for the exclusive purpose of sexual arousal. Do not post images, videos, or links of pornographic content in the 18+ section. Erotica is okay. Sexual roleplay is okay as long as all parties involved are aware and consenting to the roleplay and the roleplay has appropriate rules and tags added.

1.B Sexual Messaging

We are not a dating site. Please do not encourage, solicit, or send sexual messages in private messages or encourage doing so off the forums.

1.C Illegal Sex Acts

Any content that encourages illegal sex acts (per U.S. law) including, but not limited to, bestiality or necrophilia, will be removed (This includes underage characters engaging in sexual acts).

1.D Sexual Multimedia

  • Any multimedia, including but not limited to images or video, depicting or displaying any exposed private body parts, including breasts, genitalia, and/or buttocks.
  • Any multimedia, including but not limited to images or video, depicting or displaying sexual acts up to and including sexual intercourse, with the exception of erotica covers that meet the criteria of the item above.

1.E Sexual Content in Roleplay or Games

  • Roleplay or game threads that may include sexual content MUST be tagged with "sexual content".

This section overrides the “2.L.v Violent Content” section of the general Code of Conduct. All other Code of Conduct rules apply.

2. Violent Content

Violent or gory content intended to shock or disgust users, or content encouraging others to commit violent acts is not allowed on Wacky Writers. Discussion or roleplay of violent events as is appropriate to storytelling is allowed, but violence should not be encouraged, glorified, or posted with the intent to “incite” any real world events. Any roleplay threads including violence should be tagged “violence”.
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This section overrides the “Roleplaying and Games” section of the general Code of Conduct. All other Code of Conduct Rules apply.

18+ Roleplaying and Games

The Roleplaying and Games category is for our users to create and participate in games in which the participants assume the roles of characters and collaboratively create stories. Participants determine the actions of their characters based on their characterisation, and the actions succeed or fail according to a formal system of rules and guidelines. Within the rules, they may improvise freely; their choices shape the direction and outcome of the games.

Rules for Participating in the Roleplaying and Games Category

  • All content is required to follow the 18+ Code of Conduct.
  • All roleplay threads MUST be tagged with appropriate tags for user discretion, such as "violent content" or "sexual content" to allow users who do not wish to participate to mute the thread.
  • All roleplay threads require moderator approval before being publicly posted.
  • Thread creators are expected to moderate their own roleplay threads.
  • Roleplay submissions will be reviewed by the moderator team and approved or denied based on provided description and prior thread creator forum history.
  • Any questionable plot points, rules, or character requirements will result in denial and a request for the roleplay details to be revised.
  • As long as they do not conflict with the 18+ Code of Conduct, thread creators are allowed to write their own rules for their games and roleplays, including how many players can participate in the thread. Please be sure to follow these rules when participating.
  • Absolutely no godmodding or meta-gaming. For a description of what this is, see this article here.
  • If you see content that violates these rules, please bring it to the attention of the thread creator. If the thread creator can’t/won’t address the issue with the player in question (or is the player causing the issue), please flag the posts and a forum moderator will review it.
  • If you are a thread creator and your players refuse to follow either the Code of Conduct or the rules/guidelines you have created for your game or roleplay, please flag or reach out to a moderator for assistance.

This category has been created in an attempt to allow adults a more relaxed environment to engage in with fewer restrictions. We still encourage use of the [spoiler] tag for things that may be considered triggering, but we are not as concerned with blurring language or other “adult” level content. Our general rules of engagement, inclusion, and respect for your fellow users are still very much in effect here and if you violate those rules, you will be subject to the same penalties that exist in the rest of the forum.

We hope that this will allow our “adult” users to have a place to interact with fewer restrictions safely and respectfully. However, this category and its availability can be removed at any time, without warning, if we (the site admin+mod team) feel it is being abused.