2024 Goals and Resolutions!

Whether you hate it, love it, or don’t care for it, there are some goals that you have that have a higher priority than others.

Still, there are things that you didn’t get to do for this year and wanted to get done. Yet you still want to get start on it and maybe next year will be that year for you.

I understand and I am well aware that it is still November and we still got all December to deal with, but I wanted to add this thread topic because December will come and go then January will arrive.

So, tell me about your goals and resolutions that you want do for 2024. The ones that mean a lot to you.

My Turn:

  1. Focus on my mental and physical health.
  2. Start saving money and being budget friendly.

That’s all from me!
Thoughts and feelings?






Should I be concerned about the third one or no?






I just plan to continue carrying out the resolution I made last year, to read every book on my kindle so I don’t have to look at the damn things anymore. (ノ_<、)ヾ(´▽`)


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  1. Try not to die ᕕ( ᐕ )ᕗ
  2. Finish draft v.5 of DBD (maybe even get v.6 done too???)
  3. Rewrite the dumb magical cat book
  4. Finish draft v.3 of HitH
  5. READ

Mine are:

  • finish the book i’m currently reading
  • cut and donate my hair
  • finish the story i’m writing

Those are the top things I’d like to do next year :grin:

  • Write and finalise at least half of my current work.
  • (ASX / finances permitting) travel to Japan and Israel.
  • Maybe visit the kibbutz referred to in my story (and where I worked in 2008). But that kibbutz was one of several overrun on October-7, so it might not be an option. Predicted their security would now shame an SAC airbase.
  • Develop a passive income to support the above, plus other long dormant hobbies.
  • Hope that UBI arrives before or soon after ‘true’ AGI…rumored to pop up sometime late next year…Because Australia’s going to need something much better that the current social services system.
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  1. Publish second novel
  2. Get treatment from doctor who can do so without killing me :expressionless:

I did originally have “get an in-person job” as a resolution but I can no longer work reeeeeeee

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  • Finish editing LHSB
  • Read more books
  • And then publish Between Roses or a book of poetry, whichever is ready first
  • Also make more YouTube vids. I have ideas.

I do an achievements and goals list at the end of every year, so I’ll probably come back here with my IG post to show you all my ambitions :stuck_out_tongue:


To try and finish more chapters this year than last…

Edit, edit, edit, and edit until I’m editing everything including my life…

See 2025…



I’m hoping to add more of my stories onto platforms like Kerning. We will see.


I love everyone’s goals!

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Same to all lol :sweat_smile:

Mine would be…

  1. Save money to move.

With our niece on the way (our sister is due to give birth this month—they say any time within the next two weeks), my sisters and I want to move to be closer to her. We plan on moving sometime next year, and although it is a plan, you can’t really move without money… which we don’t have. So, I want to put this into motion. The nice thing is that I can start saving big time come March because my last Taylor Swift ticket payment is then. xD

  1. Query.

I said it last year during this time that I wanted to query during this year, but my story is still not fully polished yet, so a goal would be to get through at least two more revisions, and then see about querying by next fall.

  1. Start losing weight?

Ugh. Always a resolution. Honestly, I want to and I plan on it, but I’m just gonna go into the new year wanting to be healthier without much associated with the idea of trying to lose weight…

  1. Read 25-30 books.

I made the goal to read 20 books this year (I’m so close) and now that I’ve gotten through a good portion of them through Hoopla and Libby (audiobooks), it’s seriously amazing with how much I can read with it. I’m on book 16, halfway through, and this is primarily because I A) didn’t start listening to audiobooks until later on in the year and B) took a lot of time off of reading because I hit a depression period in July and August, and then another period in mid-September due to my brother passing away with work related anxieties on my plate. I didn’t even get to enjoy Halloween or any time in October (my favorite month of the year) because I was both grieving and in a horrible mental state. It was absolutely horrible. And I’ve been trying to get out of it since. My depression comes and goes in waves, unfortunately.

But while I doubt I’ll fully make it to 20 books, since I’m kind of behind, the goal for next year is to try a little bigger. I envy the people who can read 30+ books a year. :sweat_smile:

  1. Actually participate in NaNoWriMo.

I only have once, which was in 2019 where I started my book, but haven’t actually tried since then. I guess a part of it has been because, at first when I did night audit, I never could find my groove. And now that I work normal hours, I’m extend everything that I don’t spend enough time on writing by itself. November is never a good month—it’s too busy of a time, though I definitely wish I could. April and July seem like better months, honestly, and maybe the ones I aim for. It also makes sense that I haven’t fully participated since I only work on revisions so it’s “rebellion work.” :sweat_smile:

  1. Grow my blog.

It’s not much of a goal, because I do it for funsies, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t care for the readership. :joy: I am surprised that I do have some readers on it, for some reason as it barely has any marketing. xD

  1. Freelance? Side-hustles? Remote jobs?

I’ve gotten to a point in my life where I just want to work for myself, where I’m my own boss (so to speak), where I can make enough and be free with what I do. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job—I love working in a library. But there’s been changes, there’s been struggles, and things going on that I am just not happy anymore. A part of it is the job itself, but the other part is that I just want to do things my own way… Now, of course, doing these things are difficult—I’ve heard—but they’re not impossible. I want to see what the future holds about side-hustles and freelancing I can dip my toes in. And, of course, I still want to create and build a bookstore. That’s never leaving my mind. But I know it’s too much asking right now. For now, it’s just a dream.

  1. Fix my hair.

I have curly hair. It’s also thick and frizzy. On most days, it looks absolutely insane. There are times, after taking a shower and brushing it and putting some mousse and or cream in my hair, scrunching it up, and then going to sleep in a bonnet, that it looks fabulous (for a small moment until it frizzes up after a few hours), but honestly… even though it’s close to being manageable, it isn’t. I’ve been trying different products, but of course, never have the money for it, so I just try with what I got. However, I’m hoping I can use next year as a way to freshen it up and make it better with new products I’ve found (never tried, never bought) and hoping to buy a diffuser since I’ve heard they’re perfect for curly hair. It’s also time for a trim. I haven’t seen a hairstylist in over six years. My hair is super long (being curly, it’s at my mid back; being straight standing, it’s at my lower back with a few strands touching my butt) but I do need to get rid of the dead ends, even it out, and thin my hair out so it’s not as frizzy and poofy.

  1. Travel more.

Most of the traveling we do is up to our sister’s house, but there have been times in the past when we do get to travel elsewhere. This year, we went to California and did make a few pitstops along the way which isn’t typical in my family. xD But I’m hoping next year, especially if we end up moving to Ohio, that we can travel to Salem, Massachusetts. Every fall, we want to go, but we never have.

  1. Pay off debt.

I have a lot of credit card debt and I just want to hopefully pay some of it off so I can raise my credit score. :sweat_smile:


Work less, travel more and cook something new.


There’s some I’m thinking of:

  • Write at least 10 chapters for the new WIP (may not seem like much, but my writing overall is much slower since entering pharm. school)
  • Travel someplace new within the island and/or anywhere outside it (could maybe revisit Disney, its been over a decade)
  • Draw something new
  • Go horse-riding at least once

I try to find a bigger picture, but these horses are so beautiful and too free to be ridden.