A free writing resource (wordcount tracker)

Hello there! A while back, I made this fancy little spreadsheet for myself to keep track of my WIPs progress. It allows me to see daily progress, weekly progress, and overall progress to see if I’m on schedule, behind it, or ahead of it. By giving a broader view than just daily, it allows you to celebrate hitting larger goals. Plus, it’s free!

How it works

  1. Press this link to go to the spreadsheet.
  2. Go to “Files” in the top left corner if you are on PC
  3. Then go to “Make a copy”
  4. Make a copy for yourself
  5. Start filling it in

Accountability will follow! Be forewarned, looking at that sheet may force you to write when you realise you’re slacking. Feel free to share this resource with any writer that might need it. It’s for everyone to use.

Example of what mine looks like





This is amazing! Thank you!

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No problem! <3 I’d be curious to see what everyone’s sheets look like once a month or two have passed

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Mine probably wouldn’t look all that great. I really hope I can structure my writing a little with the help of your sheet. At least make it a little more of a constant in my everyday life

Be sure to set reasonable (read: low) goals for yourself so you can celebrate them when you hit them and then write some more. And then when you look back, you can see how far you’ve already come. It should help give you the motivation to keep going and keep writing regulary

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Exactly! Now I just have to give myself a smack on my ass and actually do it! Thanks for this amazing piece of help

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Thank you!

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Happy to help :hearts:


The hardest part is making it a routine . Writing constantly instead of when a muse is around

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Gods, I was terrified for a sec that my thread had been closed. Glad it hasn’t

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No worries XD just had to move it to a better place

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Lotsa category changes today. You’ve been busy

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Definitely XD

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And another

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