A magical scenario?

Note: This takes place in a magical world, by the way.

A close friend or relative of yours is opening a magic shop in a town. Your friend or relative calls you and another person to help them spruce up the empty shop. They have an idea of what they want to sell as the shop, yet they are giving you a list of items that they want to sell at their shop. The town they live in is a popular place where business can really boom and there’s all type of diverse customers dwelling there. Your friend or relative wants to sell their items to people passing by and anyone on the search looking for something.

Here is the list that is given to you:

  1. Special Potions and elixirs.
  2. Spell-casting books and magical training books.
  3. Runes and magical gemstones.
  4. Magical weapons.
  5. Healing oils and elixirs.
  6. Wands.

That is what your friend or relative have so far, but they are wondering if there should be a few more items to add and asks for your input.

What are you going to say to sound helpful or as helpful as you possibly can?

Thoughts and feelings?



How would you help?

Do they have a permit to sell animals?


Like magical animals?
I honestly was focusing on magical items, though magical items for magical pets can be sold there.


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Me? Sounding helpful? In a magic shop? Yeah, that’s not gonna happen :joy:


Well, would you at least help them spruce up the place a bit?


I’d probably help with cleaning and set up


Alright, that’s great!

So, I need to know, if you don’t think you can be helpful, what would you tell that friend or relative about the list?

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I’d be too busy making Harry Potter references to do that

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Honestly, that won’t work!
Harry Potter doesn’t even exist in that made up world.


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Shhhhhh let me have this :joy:

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Maybe clothes.

The Sorcerers in my world love a good cape or cloak and fashion. They would be bummed if they went to a magic shop that didn’t have fashionable things. While in my world, capes and cloaks are merely a statement of fashion, for this scenario, maybe some items of clothing that slightly enhance some aspect of magic would be cool.

Maybe you have gloves that enhance fire magic or ice magic or something. How about a hat that increases your HP a little? :stuck_out_tongue: Thinking of games now. Or shoes that enhance your speed a tiny bit?

Depending on the kind of magic in the world, herbs might be useful. Also, cauldrons or bottles or pretty little boxes or other types of items to put things in which could be magically enhanced so that if you put something magical in it, the thing wouldn’t be able to escape?

Jars of animal bits, if the world has witches, might be useful.


These are great items for your friend or relative to add to their shop.
Thanks for suggesting these things.

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Glass display cases are usually for expensive items. I’d have it for the “dangerous to touch without proper knowledge items.” Hexes, cursed items, selective ownership (like a ring designed to invert your muscle strength is great for those who have atrophying muscles, but inversion on a musclebound barbarian would be a curse).


Oh, this makes worlds of sense! That’s great to mention to your friend or relative.
Along with that, there could also be special magical gloves or something for the employee to have when dealing with such objects, before packing it up and hanging it to the customer.

Thanks for this comment!


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Every employee would have a pair made for their hands alone, if they are authorized to touch the case. lol Make the magic bound between the case and the gloves type thing.

It also gives you a spot to where someone who has a dark past like a jail tattoo on their hand, the gloves hide it.

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Now, that sounds so cool.