A Merry Xmas

I SecretDurham would like to wish everyone a very merry Xmas,

I don’t know what you do at this time of year, nor do I know of your religious ceremonies…

But what I do know for certain is just this…

We gather to be with our loved ones, and we forget our troubles in the company of those we love… This is a wonderful thing for us all, and should be truly honoured in all ways we feel free to do so…

So, from myself and my family, to all who I only know as Digital friends here at Wacky Writers, I reach out to you all and say just this…

Thank you kindly, and I hope your dreams for 2024 come true, no matter how small, no matter how insignificant they seem… I truly hope they happen for you all…

Keep writing, keep hoping, keep being who you are… Without you, we are smaller, quieter, lost at times…

Love you all, you make my life so much more… And you don’t even realise it…



Have a holly, jolly Christmas, everybody who comes here!

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Merry Xmas Qualeshia!

Hope that eveything you hope for come to fruition this year!


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Thank you kindly!

Well, there’s always next year to seek change to look forward to.

Dear Qualeshia…

I hope that 2024 gives you all you wish for. I truly do.

You’re a good soul, and I wish all the best for you. I really do.

Hopefully this year will be better for all of us, no matter how small it is.


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Thanks so much for being so kind.
I really appreciate that.

I hope that this year has been good to you and next year will be even better.
Wishing you a good Merry Christmas!

:blush: :grin:

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Happy holidays all!