A Truly Divine Scenario

You have been cordially invited (against your will) to meet a very special being at their humble grand palace.

You have been invited to meet an almighty supreme truly divine being from another dimension. This being choose you out of all the living creatures in the entire universe and beyond for one thing only which is to share a meeting with them.

You meet this divine entity with absolute fear and worry, yet the moment you come face to face with the entity something odd happens.

The divine being is very friendly, full of good humor, and behaves in a way where they would be great to hang out and awesome at parties.

While you are there, the divine being ask of you one thing of you, he wants you to know everything about you and your species along with wanting you to be his friend.

You are severely uncomfortable yet weirded out by the notion of a divine high being behaving in this manner and even wanting to be your friend.

You’re even more uneasy seeing the divine being’s true form and is still standing and sane.

So, tell me, what do you do in this scenario?
Be a friend to a divine being or no?

NOTE: This is purely fantasy based and not meant to take a jab at the religions on Earth.Try having fun with this.

It really depends on how natural this flows vs how creepy they are. If it’s outright creepy, this ain’t a friend, tread carefully.

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They’re friendly but in a slightly awkward way.


Slightly awkward, that’s fine. Just have to be careful as they have the power to end me, is all.

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That is very true. Not just you, but the entire cosmos and beyond.

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