About the Art, Covers, and Graphics Shops category

Welcome to the Wacky Writer Graphic Shops!

These are shops created by talented designers offering graphics such as covers, banners, character cards, character art etc. Shops within this category will often use ‘statuses’ that will help make it easier for you to find and narrow down threads that appeal to your interests! Within these, you may also find terminology that tends to come up quite a lot as transferred by previous forums.

  • Open/Closed
  • Hiatus
  • DNP/DNE (Do Not Post/Do Not Enter)
  • CFC/CFCU (Closed for Catch-Up)
  • Premade
  • Fake Requests
  • UC (Under Construction)

Tags for this category are:

i-am-a-cover-artist: This shop makes covers.
i-am-a-designer: This shop makes graphics or designs.
i-am-an-artist: This shop artist does more traditional art, like character sketches.
fakes: This shop is requesting/offering fakes.
premades: This shop makes premade graphics for you to choose from.
has-paid-shop: This shop also has a shop in the #paid-services category.