Ah, yes, PC gaming setups!

I find gaming setups interesting and awesome at the same time.

And people go hard on the gaming setups from pc building to a bunch of other things. I am just like “give a space to write my fiction, watch anime and/or YouTube, and do a bit of reading or handwriting notes, and I am golden.”

I guess because I am not heavy into pc gaming and I grew up in Nintendo gaming mainly Super Mario with some Sonic the Hedgehog and one Legend of Zelda game which was Breath of the Wild.

Yet I find that the those pink gaming setups or any other gaming setups are insane, interesting, and intriguing. Spending thousands on an awesome setup is bold and interesting to see.

I get it, but at the same time, it is amusingly interesting in a cool way.
So, yes, I am console peasant as they say and not a member of the PC master race or the PC royalty.

Frankly, I am cool with that!

Thoughts and feelings?

Any PC or console gamers on this site?!

To me, games are soooooo much better played on a widescreen tv with a console than on a tiny old computer monitor…I mean, who has a monitor that big? And the movement is less jerky, smoother picture. I honestly can’t see preferring pc games. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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The biggest computer monitor screen is like 48 inches wide and possibly curved.
If there’s a will, there’s a way, I suppose. LOL!

I understand that because there are PC games that I just don’t vibe with nor want to vibe with.

The same with any mobile games. The only mobile game I like is a game called Bejeweled and even then I am tired of it.

Give me Super Mario or even Zelda and I am content.

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Our tv is about 85" so I’d much rather play on the console than a pc. ٩(˘◡˘)۶

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Yeah, that makes sense. I agree with that.

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I play PC. You can hook a pc up to a TV, but games look and feel infinitely worse imo on a larger screen (I’ve played on up to 105, but vastly prefer my PC monitor for a whooole bunch of reasons. Going back to playing on a console on my TV feels so bleh

I have two monitors technically, one is my actual monitor in front of me and one is a graphics tablet to my left :smiley: It doubles as a monitor when I’m not actively drawing on it, though. Too cheap to buy another monitor at the moment but I will eventually… after I sort my GPU.

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PC devotee here. My hands are too big for console controls, give me a keyboard and mouse or HOTAS any day. I’m constantly resisting the urge to upgrade my current system to a 4K gaming / 3D rendering rig (R.I.P. savings). Apparently most current games require a 12GB graphics card to run on decent 1440p settings. Future games will need a >16GB graphics card…My long suffering PC system has 4GB graphics…Wish I had the cash and desk space for a three-monitor (32") setup, or HD VR. That would make DCS, IL-2, MS Flight Sim, Assetto Corsa Competizione, US / EU Truck Simulator, etc, much more interesting (immersive).

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So, you’re a member of the PC master race, I see?

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Guilty as charged

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I have a gaming laptop and a $8 mouse that does the trick for what I want/need.

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