Ah, yes, space and all of it's terrors...

I am not a smart cookie, so forgive me if some things do not make sense!

Anyway, space, the Final Frontier or the universe or the cosmos is an immensely vast place of billions upon billions of stars and more. It just keeps on growing from what I remember. Expanding ever so much in fact. There are so many theories on that lies beyond our solar system and even our galaxy. Some of us want to know while others are just trying to get through with their live uncaring about what lies in the far reaches of space.

What I love about space is the endless possibilities that a girl like me can dream or conjure up in her creative mind. Humanity might be lightyears away from figuring out a sure fire plan to move to some planet and terraform it to make it livable for mankind for many generation, but the thought that we could probably live on Mars or the moon or some other habitable planet has never left my mind. Hey, a girl can dream, right?

Yet with the beauty and mystery of space our lovely Final Frontier comes the horrifying side. Space is massively vast, cold, and an endless void where nothing makes sense. Humanity has been staring up at the stars for many, MANY years and even though we think he have the answers to some of the universe’s greatest mysteries. I feel we are only just scratching the surface. Still, the day an alien race comes to Earth demanding that we submit to them or something far worse, we might have somewhat of an answer then.

Personally, I love the whole Cosmic Horror where eldritch abomination who care little for human life simply does whatever it wants and proves to the whole human race that it is simply greater. Because the reality is that space is scary and along with being mysterious and add a sense of wonder. But more importantly SPACE IS SCARY! Can you even imagine that when you look at the stars in the sky that some random thing or person could be doing the very same? Not scary enough. Try imaging looking up at the night’s sky and seeing the stars fully unaware that whatever you are looking at is looking back at you probably.

Fear of the unknown is a common thing amongst us. We fear things we do not understand which causes us to run away because of the fear or at least try to understand what is just so frightening. Sometimes we don’t fear the unknown, but rather yearn to learn everything we can about it. Space, hell even some thing on earth does this for us.

Moving on, I love the idea of Cosmic horror. Even though most people don’t think things like that can’t ever happen, it shows us that the universe is ruthless and cold and cruel towards us. Sure it doesn’t have to be a alien horde out to wipe all of humanity but rather the truth which is space is an unforgiving place and isn’t not kind to us.

I still love the wonder and sense of discovering something unique about the cosmos especially in fiction. Sometimes, I often think about my writing and how I can make space more fun for me. I have yet to write a Cosmic Horror, but someday I might surprise myself somehow. The truth is that space, the universe, the Final Frontier is a outrageously vast and is full of things that we human still to this very day know nothing about.

The complexities of space still elude most of us with his incomprehensible world and galaxies that are beyond us. The whole universe funny in that way. So many of desire to learn everything we can about space more than our own planet. Hell, we probably don’t know what is at the bottom of the deepest ocean. What marine life exist there? Ones we have yet to see and don’t know exist or something else? Much like space but on a WAY LARGER scale. What lies waiting for us beyond our planet? Friendly aliens, habitable planets similar to Earth, or a great unknown that can kill humanity in instant?

TL;DR: Space is a scary and mysterious place full of endless wonder and more that humanity are still trying to unravel bit by bit. Cosmic Horror or any type of good horror in space is my absolute favorite.

Any thoughts?


I really, really hope that Europa has life on it.

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Isn’t Europa the moon of Jupiter?

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One of many

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That is probably the only one that I know of.
Isn’t another moon called Titan for some planet or am I mistaken?

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I do belive so.

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I tried finding the Titan moon, but could not.

So, I gotta know if the moons were distinctively named after figures in Greek Mythology at random or something else entirely?

Because Europa is the name of a princess who Zeus slept with when he was a bull or something along those lines.

Gotta love things like this!

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Each moon is named after one of Jupiter’s lovers.

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Titan must be one of Saturn’s moons.

Isn’t Saturn supposed to be the Roman name for Cronus who was the father of Zeus? Cronus was like leader of the Titans or something along those lines.

Yeah, that makes sense that Zeus would have so many lovers. The man sure gets around a lot. LOL!

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Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. ~ Arthur C. Clarke

I’m sure the universe is full of intelligent life. It’s just been too intelligent to come here. ~ also Arthur C. Clarke

Forgot one…

And pray there’s intelligent life somewhere up in space, 'cause there’s bugger-all down here on Earth. ~ Monty Python’s Galaxy song.


Pretty much…
Probably cares less about us because other things are more interesting in their neck of the woods. LOL!

Scientifically speaking, if space is expanding exponentially, aliens can’t visit us from this point forward: that is the distance with light being considered the constant maximum speed.

Really, that’s a ton of assumptions to unpack, but reasonably speaking the odds of us finding life out there due to the increasing improbability has scientists who believe in aliens having the highest suspension of disbelief known to man.

The easiest route around this is dimension-jumping aliens…but the minute people accept that, then, demons and angels are real. Both terms are used for dimension-jumping beings.

But back to those assumptions:

Our understanding that space is expanding has to do with how we measure things…and there’s papers out quite frequently to try to challenge that.

But I’ve known that the speed of light isn’t constant since I was about 20. There’s a few ways they’ve changed the speed over time, and all of them point to the idea of using that as a limit is faulty.

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I mean, considering it’s entirely possible that the universe will just end right now, cosmic horror probably isn’t entirely unrealistic. I mean, we’ll never know until it happens, right?

Though honestly I still recon the aliens aren’t invading because they’ve decided we’ll destroy ourselves

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Thanks for setting things straight.

True, but I still find Cosmic Horror enjoyable.

I am mostly talking out my ass thinking I sound cool or something. :sweat_smile:

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This stuff is pretty interesting tbh. Kinda been a nerd on the whole astrophysics thing since I was little :sweat_smile: Never actually read a lot of cosmic horror but it’s safe to say that, from what I’ve heard, a lot of it is actually possible as has been theorized at one point or another. That’s why writing and astrophysics go so well together. You can end the world and bring it back at the same time (yet another theory) or you can play around with alternate universes (m-theory), or just go along with the good old fashioned aliens or extreme power sources

I guess I do play with cosmic horror a little in my writing when I really think about it :sweat_smile:

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Space really freaks me out. I can’t do it. I’m an avid fan gore, horror movies, true crime, etc. but nothing freaks me out like Sandra Bullock floating in a black blob unable to stop or imagining little green men with bulbous black eyes floating around out there in some strange shuttle, snatching people up and implanting chips in their brain. EEEE.

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