Am I the only one without friends?

Think about it this way…

Im going to pick on accountants:

" There are a total of 664,532 CPA licenses in the US.

This brings the percentage of accountants with CPA to 46.3% of all in the workforce."


So 1.435 million accountants in the US. 166.12 million total?.
0.86% of your class is likely to even be in the same job as you, if you’re an accountant.

2.5 people in a class of 300 do the same job as you, 8.6 of them in a class of a thousand.

In a small company, there’s 1 accountant. In larger companies, maybe 2 or 3. The odds of you working with the handful you graduated with in that field is rediculously low, greater than 1 in a million.

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