AMA Characters and I shall return a favor!

Great, I can only imagine how long this thread will last, but whatever.

Anyway, I have a few stories in the works and I really need to better understand my characters as people and their situation greatly. I have been pantsing through the stories The Breakers/Red Reign and Red Blizzard without fully understanding who my characters are. I have a general idea, but I feel as though that alone isn’t enough. So, to save face, I would like you all to ask me about my characters pertaining to The Breakers/Red Reign, maybe a bit of Red Blizzard, and members of the Alagossian High Court.

If you ask questions, I shall return a favor by asking random questions pertaining to your characters.

I shall return back in bit with some bit of information.

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Hey, @TheTigerWriter, I’ve copied you in a sense!

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Generic question:

Who hides secrets?

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In The Breakers/Red Reign, right at the moment, I would say the Firstlings in a sense and at the same time Civiria and Renna.

In Red Blizzard, I want to Haera.

Far as the High Sovereign Collection, Krieg and surprising Solana.

I probably answered your question wrong. My mistake I am a bit out of it.

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@J.L.O: Which character prefer calm, cozy, quiet nights to just unwind and relax vs which character wants loud and chaotic nights because they’re partying and getting will?

Oh, man I don’t really write party animals, much.

Like with Rachael and Nathaniel (Begging is for Losers), Nate partied a lot as a young werewolf, pre-shift (as is typical of an Alpha plot), but it had weird ways of coming back up to bite his backside and he kind of had the scales ripped of his eyes by his mate. Rachael is plain anti-social, but can navigate a party if ahe has to. I don’t have her as much of a reader, but she makes diaramas and models from scratch (kitbashing). She can work in quiet or noise. I had Nate throw a pair of glasses through the drywall once he got pissed at reading micro-print for too long.

So he can party, she can’t. He can’t multitask, she can. So it doesn’t really lay one direction. And yeah, I find that related because if you put me in a crowd and focus on me, multitasking dies.

I do tend towards writing males as more sanely outgoing while females would be more manic. Which is what I intend to to with Wolf & X Bunny–that rabbit would be fun to have as a “wild ride” (not the adult meaning).

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It happens. It doesn’t have to be dramatic. Minimum of private people, maximum of betrayal.

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Thanks for understanding.

Feel free to ask me more questions please.

Ah…what about a character that just wants to relax and unwind in a cozy, calming, and silent setting…at night?

Probably Sssyraine, but its like sunbathing lizards, just need to recharge.

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Which characters are considered good people by others and which characters are considered bad people by others? Are they really the way people percieve them?

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Who is your most favorite minor character from Red Reign and why?

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When you say “minor” you a character that has a small role, but makes a big enough impact?

If you mean a character like that, I would probably have to say Aneirin and probably Nirvana.

Why? Aneirin was formerly Nirvana’s “daughter” within the Sisterhood of Sin, but she helped a male slave escape and she escaped with him. She and that male slave bounced from place to place trying to get away from Nirvana and her “daughters”. That former male slave was named Elion who eventualy died years later. He was killed by Nirvana while Aneirin escaped to safety. She has regret that moment since then because she felt powerless to fight against her.

Nirvana because how I envisioned her is as a woman who is plain twisted evil and violent as hell. She is those evil females who don’t use her good looks to seduce a man or woman to manipulate them. She is scary as hell without the art of seduction or feminine charm.

Nirvana is the manliness attractive female character I have in this series at the moment.

That’s all I got.

A minor character is a character that has little to no role in the story. Can even be a nameless character. Can be someone’s sister that makes a single appearance. Can be a pet. Can be a character that has one little scene with the main, but doesn’t affect the plot.

As an example…
Pinti, my blue feline MC, while lost, meets this half-lizard boy who gives her a strawberry. It doesn’t affect the plot. But I like the little lizard boy because he’s so sweet! And because he’s a kid, he sees no racial boundaries.

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At the moment, I suppose I found Kisarra pretty cool.
Other than that, I don’t really have one.

She was Elred’s partner and good friend, who in a sense sacrificed her life to save Elred during an attack on the nation they were in.

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As I wait for a character question from you…

Which character loves a rainy day and why?

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Civiria tends to find rainy days calming and soothing just like bright and sunny days.

Haera LONGS for rainy days because it was full of great memories of her life before entering the Knighthood Federation. She and most of the world lives in an eternal winter where everyone is suffering in some way or form.

Rain and bright sunny days no longer exist in the world. Haera misses that dearly.

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Depending on your definition, which character is a radiant being in personality?

Which character is very wise for their age?

Can you picture which character would sell everything they own to have the happiness they deserve?

What is your character’s second or third goal that is still important to them, but not so much towards the plot (if that makes sense)?

Fun Question: Which popular meal from your native homeland, would be either your character least favorite or absolute favorite?

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I would say it’s a tie between Sovanna and Tendri. Sovanna is the MC in Solar Song, Frozen Fate. She loves to have fun and is smiling most of the time. She doesn’t make others feel bad or lesser than when being around her. She’s also confident in who she wants to be which also translates into her personality.

Tendri is the younger sister of MC Pinti in Lunar Heart, Shadow Bound. Tendri is sunshine if sunshine were a blue feline :stuck_out_tongue: Despite living in hardship, it’s all she’s known and she rarely shows a frown even when she’s not feeling particularly smiley. She’s a flower blossom, always radiating good vibes and she makes everyone feel special to be her friend.

Hands down raven girl Wescherlie, the supporting character from Lone Gold, Daring Purple. Wescherlie is fifteen, but she’s been around the block and has had to deal with things most her age would not have to deal with. She’s also insightful which helped her learn how to navigate difficult situations. She’s grown up fast and can even give profound advice about self-love and self-acceptance.

Sovanna. She’s not a “things make me happy” girl anyway. If she has family and friends she doesn’t need anything else :blush:

I’ll talk about Sovanna since her story was recently finished. Sovanna’s second goal is to have a family of her own. It’s to keep lionkind alive and she also wants to be a mother. She’s heard so many lovely stories about her own mother she never got to meet, so she wants that for herself, too.

Ramen and sushi? :stuck_out_tongue: That’s all I can think of.

I can say that Mason, a supporting character from Paws Chase Murder Case would love Asian cuisine. He loves drinking, so he would definitely enjoy sake with sushi and have the time of his life. His friend, MC Scotch would have to be convinced XD

But who would hate it? Hmm… Even I’m not big on sushi XD

Maybe Taro, the bird guy from Solar Song, Frozen Fate. He turns his nose up to most things raw. He might eat the ramen, but he would not try the sushi. Despite being a wild creature himself, he doesn’t like eating raw food. He can eat it and be okay, but he prefers it cooked.

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That’s it?! Those are the only two things that are popular in Japan?!

Is it more so locally in Japan/the town or city that you reside in?

Better Question: Which of my favorite meals from your home country do you think your characters’ will hate or love?

Hit me back with some questions!