AMA my novel called Project Mask Heretic, please and thank you kindly!

My current novel that I am fleshing out is called just called Project Masked Heretic.

The main character/protagonist is Anjan Terris

Hidden Information

His actual name is Akvra sul-lak Grekas and he is a Zirken from the Empire of Nazra-Eradelia, which is one of many vast and ancient empires that existed ages ago. He’s was the sibling to the reigning monarch known as Renna, the Heretic Queen. The novel series actual title is Red Reign, but I am working on the book title.

He is working as an Imperial Fixer, who is fix and handle the problems of the wealthy court members that rather not have the public stick their noses in. In actuality, he is plotting to break the system from within, but failed resorted to mysteriously leaving the palace seven years ago. Anjan came back to finish where he left off, he is determined to see the ones who destroyed his homeland and ruined everything for him along with others are dethroned and their empire burned. He is also trying to locate Renna who is somewhere on the palace grounds in a location he has not ventured to yet or isn’t familiar with.

He may be handling their problems, but he is actually causing more behind the scenes or in rather in the shadows.

Everyone is lying, cheating, scheming, and destroying lives while wearing their own mask just like Anjan.

Ask me anything and I shall do my best to prove an answer to your question.

Thoughts and feelings?

NOTE: Here are my other characters that I have at the moment.

Salisara Maiandra Ariawyn eins Naivin: The Sovereign and Anjan’s boss.
Verona Fairfield: Salisara’s personal advisor and sometimes the person who helps Anjan.
Elleria Amberlyn von Steelcrest-Lionheart: The Princess of Steelcrest Dynasty and Anjan’s personal aide.
Felix Bjorn: Heir to the Bjorn Family and occasional aide to Anjan.
Jonik: A Ravakalyn who snuck into the palace only to get caught when he was trying to save Renna and warn Akvra as well.

There will be more characters to add in due time.



Does this include assassinations?


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I’ve always wondered, is it called Red Reign because the reign of the sovereign is bloody and lethal? The country is torn by war or dystopian maybe?

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No, at least not at this time, but some people will be assassinated.
I am unsure of who and that will be solely Anjan’s doing.

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Red Reign: False lords reign over us, stripping our livelihood and cursing us then shedding our blood while they build an empire over the corpses of our fallen people.

Another one is the false ones reigning over the red skinned demons who they’ve cursed and force the world to forget about them, viewing them as ghosts and unworthy beings.

The one in italics in NOT in the story. I just made that up.

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Ah yes! Red Reign kind of implies that it’s a reign of terror, so I was just curious. (*^-‘) 乃


Any other questions that you have? You can ask as many as you want to keep me on my toes.

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Okdk, as I think of things, I’ll ask again. ( ˆ◡ˆ)۶ ٩(˘◡˘ )

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Cool beans!

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Got more questions to ask for me? I need to be kept on my toes.

Give me a tier list, S through G, of your characters from most to least favorite.


Okay this question might stump me a bit, because I am not entirely there yet to make a good list that seems like some characters are more of my favorite than others.

I can answer it, but I am not at that level to choose who is better than who. I rather not choose Anjan simply for that reason, because even though he is a great character, it feels like showing too much care for my main character than the other ones.

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The magic in this world, I know it is Air Based, and that some of the races use it… But, are there any animals as such that can use it? Say, like could a Cow use it to make enchanted milk?
I know it’s a daft example I have used, but… Do any animals use it for anything?



Yes, I do.

Animals are called Vroks. Some are different from the animals on Earth… a little bit. Yet most are very alien from the ones on Earth totally made up.

Some are eaten, and their flesh are similar to the meats on Earth. While others are NEVER meant to be consume.

In terms of their magic, much like the magical species/races, they exist in various places and have their own mana levels. Another thing is depending on the Vrok, they either exist in high or low or even toxic mist locations.

I would explain even more, but you just made me think about the animals on my fictional planet far more than I normally do.

I need to really focus on that.

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Could say a Deer-like creature use it to jump really high to evade a predator?

I mean, its a simple act of physics for any creature, but to be able to use Mana to jump extra high/far… That would be an evolutionary use of it I guess, and that seems cool to me.

I guess this gives you even more to think about now…



Need to think more on it. However, Mnagra are huge birds that can’t fly and are normally found deep in Void Edge, which is a spot on a continent where the most dangerous predatory Vroks exist and even some eldritch animals the further a person goes.

Those creatures and Vroks can only exist there due to the environment and their mana levels.

Mnagras are mutated Big Bird-like avian animals that attack during the night and sleep during the day. They dine on people fleshes or other humanoid races.

Far as I know, Mnagra have no predators. Though there are the Xelphies who are an alien crossbreed between a horse, moose, and bull combined into one thing. Yet they’re not rowdy or wild, but to flee from predators they can blend in with their surroundings like camouflage and masking their scent.

I still need to think of more things for the Vroks.


Anyone else?

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What is the worst possible thing that can happen in your setting?


Actually, there are a few things.

  1. The Cataclysmic Flash/The Pillar Countdown.
  2. The Sovereign’s Assassination and the Destruction of the Court.
  3. The Unknown Kings awaking and leaving the deepest part of the Void’s Edge.
  4. The biggest Total Cleansing in the world, Extinction Sweep.
  5. The Breaking.

There’s more but these are the ones that would really screw up not only the setting, the whole entire world.