An extreme psychological mind**** within?! (READ BEFORE COMMENTING)

Real talk to everyone here.
I do not know if anyone here places moments like in their own fiction, but I wonder if you guys read books, watched movies and tv shows, and etc with moments or overall messed you up on a psychological level.

Whether it’s in a bad way, good way, or interesting way or combination of three, you just encountered something that messed you up mentally.

Now, listen to this, EVERYONE AND I DO MEAN EVERYONE ON THIS SITE OR OFF THIS SITE, has their OWN PERSONAL opinion on what moments in books/television shows/films/manga/anime/etc are considered seriously messed up. Some people can’t handle it while others are numb to it and others live for it.

The tragedy, the heartache, the descriptions, and all the over horrific mind-fucking on a psyche level has really screwed you up.

And it was needed to happen and to show you how messed the world is and how things aren’t for the faint of heart.

My Turn:

Honestly, in the past when I was heavily reading manga, let me just say I read some fucked up shit on a psychological level, whether it be horror or some tragedy. Yeah, I read a bit of Berserk, I’ve read some Gantz, and touched other manga that was just dark and tragic, but there’s some manga that really made me question so much and so little at the same time. I’ve read horror manga that really make me question my sanity and a few tragic manga that I wish I could turn back time to get moments of my life back regardless of if I could not finish it to the end. Some of these manga weren’t that way to be edgy and cool, while some were just that.

Truthfully, I do want to go back and try to read through some of the ones I left unfinished with a different mindset, but when I would have to reread the whole thing and ponder then reach the end.

One of the few manga I want to read again at some point that was like this, is Goodnight PunPun. There are more, but this is the one that is coming to mind.

TL;DR: Have you read or watched something that had moments that messed you up on a psychological level or was the whole entire thing a mind-fuck for you?

Thoughts and feelings?




Whether it was a single moment or more or the entirety of the whole thing, just tell me if you read or seen something that messed you up on a mental level, regardless of if it was needed or not that much!

Not sure if this counts, but Psycho Pass made my brain hurt when I first watched it lol.

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I remember that anime!
I think I got all the way to the end of season 1. I don’t think I watched season two though.

I tried to watch Serial Experimentation Lain, but that wasn’t happening. Try to watch Elfen Lied, then the dog scene happens and something else happened after that and I was like “I’m out.”

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I’m out is the reaction to so many animes lol

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And manga too.

I cannot tell how many manga I’ve read and I’m just like “what in the ever loving hell am I read-FUCK THIS I’M OUT!” Dear lord, some was warranted and others I somehow managed to finish, leaving me question my sanity and if I am truly okay. LOL!

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Geez, these are really awful, and I feel uncomfortable looking at it. Yet I can’t help but smirk on how stupidly bad some of these are.

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Nope! Can’t think of anything right now that upset me that much, but I’m pretty good at avoiding books, manga, anime, etc. that just aren’t my cuppa. ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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What about something with a single moment or two?!

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Nothing I can think of. I’m not into horror and stuff like that, though, so I just never run across disturbing things.

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Ah, alright!

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NCIS. When they killed off the character Kate, it was after they had done the whole show and resolved everything, and she was senselessly sniped. It was a way to get someone off the show, served no direct plot, forced them to work on finding her killer in other episodes, but that one? Out of nowhere. I was not a happy camper.


Hmm. I haven’t really had anything like that when reading. I have a few “wtf” moments but I wouldn’t go any further than that :thinking:

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Give me a good WTF moment, if you can remember!

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Hmm. The last one that really got me was years ago but it always just stuck in my brain because it was pretty messed up.

One of the main characters who had been taken captive by the story’s villian and thrown into the pit (as well as a lot of other people throughout the book) was given two choices: she could either cut off her own head on a guillotine or be eaten alove by a shark. She ended up taking off her own head, as did a lot of other people after one of their colleagues wasn’t fast enough to escape the shark.

A lot of the books I read have a lot of messed up things take place, but that one by far takes the cake.


Dear goodness, regardless of the choice, death was a sheer certainty!


Yup, and the abosolute glee the villain has when this choice happens is just messed up