An interesting thing pertaining to fictional deities or deities in general.

So, I have to know, in terms of the gods that have not set gender, but they can turn into any gender of their choosing, when these gods develop romantic and/or sexual desires towards their own kind or even mortals, is it silly to assume that these gods are pansexual or an orientation along those lines?

I am genuinely curious about this and mind you this is only if this deity truly has no true gender and can take the form of many genders to blend in with the mortals, for whatever reason.

I don’t mean to come off as ignorant/rude, but I’ve wondered about this in an odd way.

Thoughts and feelings?



Eh, if we assume that mind doesn’t match matter, then they don’t have a thing to do with each other.

But if mind and matter follows “the rules of this world”, then it’s going to be 95%, maybe 90% Cis hetero gods.

The reason we see and know so many people that are gay or trans is because there’s 8 billion of us. Gods are a MUCH smaller pool of people, and if you can’t get there to be 100 of them, then having more than 1 of them be anything but plain vanilla is the oddity of storytelling.

But that oddity of storytelling IS there, historically. The Norse gods couldn’t stick to 1 thing, the Hindu gods couldn’t stick to 1 thing, the Greek/Roman gods as well…basically people have always overrepresented such things in gods.

So, it’s really an “anything goes”.


Why did I first think of Warhammer’s Slaanesh chaos god?

This also sounds like something the old Greek or Norse gods would tinker with.


You mean the Protogenoi?
If so, that yeah, Khaos had no true gender and was the first being, far as I know.

Then Ymir the giant from Norse Mythology may be the exact same as Khaos as well. I am unfamiliar with the epic poem though.


Just because they can change gender doesn’t mean they don’t have a preference for a certain gender and it also doesn’t mean they are automatically pansexual either. They may still have a strong preference for parters of one gender over another. It’s possible for them to be genderfluid and pansexual, yes, but it doesn’t necessarily have to be that. For instance, you could have a genderfluid god that only likes women, or you could have a deity that can take any shape, but prefers to take a male shape, but also likes only male partners, so identifies as homosexual. It could be any number of sexualities or genders, even if it has the abilitity to change gender.


Thank you for explaining things. Honestly, I didn’t want to straight ponder this for too long and go on assuming something false.

So, yeah, I am glad you brought this up.

I was referring to the god from Warhammer 40,000 lore.

Just thought of something. In Lucifer Satan is portrayed as a male nightclub owner in LA. In The Ninth Gate Satan is portrayed as a female French backpacker. Variety is the spice of life, huh.


Damn, I am sorry.

I don’t know much about Warhammer 40K so I apologize for not understanding things.

It’s cool.
My inner nerd had escaped containment for a few moments. :nerd_face:



On the subject of supernatural shags, check out the Norse god Loki’s family / offspring.

…Curiosity and mead are a dangerous mix for deities…


Slightly off-topic: I really needed to see this. It was funny, because I just got out of crying so anything that is humorous is wanted/needed right now!

Thank you very much! :slightly_smiling_face:

A lot of deities in a lot of mythologies don’t actually have genders. They take on the form they find most appealing. Some also have different versions of themselves for male and female but are overall considered to be the same being. Majority of the time, deities don’t care about gender because they themselves are genderless but that doesn’t mean they don’t have preferences. Every deity is different. Heck, some are quite happy staying single. When it comes to deities, it’s often easiest to just not call attention to labels (pan/bi) because, well, they’re not mortals and it’s really not that big of a deal to them :joy: At least that’s what all my many years of mythological interest have taught me. Humans are 99% of the time the ones who call attention to labels to try and justify their own beliefs or make the stories more believable or add some “realism” to it. And we have to remember that a lot of the stories change and develop depending on who has the loudest voice at any given time and what their interpretation is.


True, true!

There’s a massively stark difference between a mere mortal and a powerful god.

I’ve been on this planet and a human being far too long. Why can’t I be something else?


Mara’s children were ordained by the Gods, but not conceived physically…

Essingvaux, Curinthus and Aprica (Their “Beastly” forms) are gender free), but their God Forms are like 60ft humanoid in form (With oddities of the human imagery) and are physically sexed, yet not also… They do not change their genders, nor have need to…

Their fourth kindred (No Spoiler here) we do not see in this tale, as many thousands of seasons ago was slain (No spoilers as to who, or how this God was diminished)…