Annoyed at stories.

Has anyone ever read a story they liked the concept and idea of but hated how it was written, and wanted to write their own version of it? I want to do that.


It happens, half of fanfics are just that.


Is it really a fanfic if you didn’t like it? :stuck_out_tongue:


Technically, yes.



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All the time. Even TV shows or comics where the potential was there but the way the characters were handled, the pacing and the storytelling – something goes awry at some point. I feel like I can tell when someone meticulously planned the story from start to finish and made sure details were there from the beginning even if it didn’t have meaning yet for the viewer/reader, versus someone who was kind of pantsing or went off the rails at some point or they didn’t have a good editor to spot the loopholes/bloopers.


Yeah, I agree. The idea is great but the execution, not so much. Or the idea starts off simple and works, then it ends up convoluted by the end.

Yep I agree. Some people are amazing at starting and coming up with concepts but they fall through around the halfway point, and others have a rocky start that ends up ending pretty decent. From experience, I can tell you that I am the former, lol.

But yeah, if someone loves a story, they will try to overcome those things and really think about the story and their passion for it will show through. They will get a good editor, or friend or someone to look over things with them and help them make it the best it can be.

If people do it just for money or to push a certain message it loses soul and it becomes boring/horrible, in my opinion.


Yup. xD

Happened to me when I read the Cabin by Natasha Preston. Picked it up because I like cabin-in-the-woods themes, but I completely loathed the way it was written. Thankfully, the video game Until Dawn gave me some inspiration and a push to get me to write a cabin-in-the-woods murder mystery to satisfy my need of something done right (though, truthfully, I think it can still be worked on haha).


Intrestingly, or perhaps boringly, I never did this while I was just a “reader” but once I started writing it crops up form time to time, it’s like writing takes some of the enjoyment out of reading? :thinking:


Maybe, but I was always very picky with books.