"Answering the call and becoming my own chosen hero... or villain."

“Why should I sit around doing nothing with my mundane life when there is a whole world out there waiting to be explored and a different life waits for me?”

I love the idea of a hero who jumps at the call to adventure and become the one who saves the world because it is interesting, but more importantly it is the right thing to do.


I would like to see a person jumping at the call to adventure to become a hero the needs even if that person isn’t the chosen hero, but ends up getting too wrapped into their own little world and goal then becomes a hardened villain when things prove too tough or they want to do things differently.

I don’t want some chosen hero in my fiction what was selected by fate, destiny, or something set in stone to become the world’s salvation. Majority of these heroes don’t often times want to play hero and not want to be special.

I don’t want that. I want someone who want to be better and live better than what they are. They aren’t always seeking glory or something, but they just want to not so ordinary life where they feel can make a true difference and become the hero the know they can be or turn into the ultimate villain or whatever.

I personally want that in my fiction.
Yet there is always something wrong with this type of character.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on the matter?

I should try to do that in my stories or story.

A character who wants to escape their mundane life where nothing ever happens and seek something greater than themselves in a fantastical setting. They know that pursuing this means possible death, but they don’t care that much. Because the real death lies in staying in their little bubble unaware of the life they could have had or staying ignorant.

I’ll take either a hero or villain version of this.



The simple thing is those who want to do right are only going by their own estimation of right. Few writers show where this goes wrong.


I can easily imagine a protagonist who stumbles into doing good deeds without really thinking.


I’d rather think of one who gets thrown out of a bar and into being a Savior, repeatedly.


“Why are you trusting me for? Don’t be so gullible!”

“You are the one who trusted us first, so you’re the most gullible of all.”


@J.L.O and @NotARussianBot: Does it not make sense that I want a story like that?

I am just curious.

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It makes sense. It’s just that sometimes that hero thing needs a swift kick in the butt.


Cool beans!

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I will be give this idea a try. Yippee!
Wait…somehow, I shall figure this out.

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