🤯 Any other AI art addicts here? 🤯

I haven’t been on my phone enough to warrant downloading it, yet. I think I will look at it this weekend. Right now it’s catching up on posts and laundry/kitchen work.


So, I looked into Wonder and it’s a clear security risk. I chose the next one down that wasn’t near as bad called starryai, and am trying it out now.

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So, trying out this thing, and all I’m trying to get is a space invasion of an ancient Chinese city to see if it can hack it, and it cannot quite yet. Still, not bad.


I figure out they do it x4s. It works on a credit system, so I’d have to watch ads to do any more or join their discord server.

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I gave Dalle2 a try. I like it that it has the ability to inpaint and outpaint but I haven’t produced anything impressive from it yet. Not sure if it needs different types of prompts.

Damn, I’m really tempted to pay for some midjourney credits. I had pretty nice results with it before.
But I really shouldn’t.

The addiction is strong…

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OMG. I found a secret to making DALLE2 work. Need to combine the powers of all AIs. Buahahaha.

The starting image, generated in DALLE2 from a prompt, I also gave the inpainting a try attempting to fix her face. Didn’t do much. This is the “best” of the results.

I put that faceless thing through dualstyleGAN and created her

I thought, ok, I like her. She could be Tristine. Let’s keep going. So I gave DALLE2 Outpainting a try. I put her in there and added a prompt and through a series of many many many generations, I’ve arrived at this!

It wasn’t quick and easy. It took a lot of tries and a lot of credits. I had to delete areas and regenerate them (and I found that it does a better job generating large areas than small ones - don’t use it for touchups). But the point is that it is possible to do that!

Ok. I have 11 credits left on DALLE2. So little credits, so much to do!!! But I also have to use them by the end of the month so I can try again. But which character should I work on next? hmmm


I’ve had constant brilliant luck with DALLE since I got access back in June, but it’s not something I’d use for faces. I’ve found though that if you get a believable face with something like facemorph.me, it expands the face into a full body reasonably well. DALLE’s strength is in other forms of art.


I can’t anymore. I’m so addicted to this. I’m continuously in awe. I get a rush every time I generate something awesome but the problem is that it’s never 100% perfect. There’s always something I’d like to change about it and so I try again to see if I get lucky. And it just continues…

This time I got caught up with Dream by Wombo. Their new presets can create faces and I found a nice prompt combination. I thought it’d be cool to update my book cover and so I’ve been trying to generate something that’s usable on a cover.

So for example, this is a cool image that could work for a cover, Ruby looks right, even the hand looks realistic (I don’t know why this AI keeps trying to create hands, it’s really bad at it, it’s like it keeps challenging itself).

But this image as nice as it is, it doesn’t wow me. I keep hoping for something better and I’m starting to wonder if I’ll ever be satisfied.

This one is more interesting, but his hands are freaky and I’m wondering if I could either cover it up and maybe that’s where the title would go or if it would be possible to fix it with DALLE2 inpainting.

But then if it was possible for AI to create a realistic hand in the first one then maybe if I keep trying, I’d arrive at an anatomically correct image that’s also interesting. But when do I stop and finally settle on what I’ve got?


I’ve gone through hundreds of them today. Hundreds!
But I’ve landed on a nice prompt combination and I’m getting really cool results. For example, this baby. I’ll try a bit more but this prompt might be it! Wish me luck.


Okay. I think I finally created the right image for the cover.
What do you think???

What genre do you think this book is?

@FranklinBarnes @J.L.O

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Looks professional enough. Make sure to view it at about an inch high, to make sure that thumbnails on Wattpad will work, but I think it will do fine as there’s enough contrast behind the letters.

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I want to do something with all those beautiful images I’ve created. It’s just such a shame to keep them only to myself. I want to share! Where should I put them? Should I create a DevianArt account to showcase them? Pinterest? Probably not Pinterest, it’s so easy for people to distribute there with zero credit.

Maybe Instagram then? I’d rather not have to create a brand new account on a brand new platform just for this. My book instagram is in need of content. I think it would be cool to make a slideshow in a video with cool background music…
I still don’t have a TikTok account. I’ve been avoiding it but not sure how long I’ll be able to.

Okay, we can start with Instagram then. Sure, photo slideshow is the easiest but I think a video would be beyond cool.

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Retool the size and make them the headers of your chapters. I usually put that up when I’m done.


Yeah, I think chapter art would also be good but I’d like to add variety to it, other characters and settings.

Rubbing hands together
It’s like an excuse to play with it more.


What on earth is that finger?!

Which one? The second image has 13 fingers. The third has… I guess one???
Fingers are hard for humans to draw. AI is no better than us.

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The one finger

It tried…

Since AI was adamant at putting his hands in view, I thought, let’s give him something to hold. I tried many many times to get him to hold an energy orb. None of those hands came out right. Fingers are so bad.
And some times the energy orb was in a strange spot like in the middle of his forehead.

One could assume that it’s easy to create these images. It really isn’t. It takes a lot of tries.

I still think it’s worth it because when it works out, it’s outstanding.

Introducing the newest up-and-coming Puerto Rican trap artist, Lil Tiago with
his exclusive song No Se, Baby.

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I made the slideshow of the first batch.

Isobel Lynx shared a post on Instagram: "In my quest to generate an awesome image for an updated book cover, I

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Uhm. That was supposed to be a link. I’m really bad at this