Any plans for the weekend?

Got anything going on or would like to do over the weekend?

I’m gonna have an unexpected three-day weekend because a co-worker passed away (he was 81, and was suffering some medical issues). Originally, my work was going to be closed half a day for staff to attend a funeral, but they decided to close it fully for Monday for staff to attend the funeral and wake. However, I didn’t know the guy very well and I’m a very awkward person anyway, so I’m not going…

But because I get three days off, I have more time to complete things lol I’m gonna try to finish reading the first book of the year (An Enchantment of Ravens by Margret Rogerson) as I only have four hours left on the audiobook… I use Libby and someone’s already waiting for it, so if I don’t finish it by Sunday, it’ll be put on hold which I don’t want lol Then there’s revising, of course. Always need to do that. But besides these two things, the main stuff would be:

  • Take down Christmas decorations.
  • Clean house, and my room specifically. My closet, most definitely.
  • Clean out my parents’ van before they get here lol
  • And hopefully take my sister’s out to dinner… out of town.

1.Write/Focus on The Breakers and Crowns, Gods, and Secrets novels only.
2. Watch some more anime or YouTube.
3. Go food shopping Sunday.
4. Strongly consider getting more breath of fresh air.
5. Read a bit more of my book.

Other than this, I don’t have any real plans.


Tonight we’re going out to dinner but the rest of the weekend is free, so I’m planning to spend it reading. My goal this year is to clear out my Kindle. I’ve bought way too many books over the years and haven’t read any of them yet, but I keep buying new ones. Argh. My tsundoku’s totally out of control. (♯ᴖ.ლ)


It’s really incredible that your work closed for the day to attend the funeral - that’s such a rare thing to hear about, and it makes me happy to know some places love their employees. I hope all of the cleaning goes well!

Today I’m going to hang out with my study group - but we’re not studying this time xD one of them graduated in December, so we’re meeting to check up on her and see how after-uni life is treating her. Tomorrow is my dad’s bday, so I’ll be going axe-throwing with him in the evening. I’ve never done it before and have no idea what to expect, but it sounds fun :joy: I might bake some cupcakes to serve at it if I can make it to the store in the morning. Other than that it’s just going to be homework and more homework, and maybe a touch of writing and video games during breaks x3


Yeah, I also want to change Christmas to Spring decor in the living room, watch European Figure Skating Championships and go to the gym/Skate on Sat/Sun. And, yeah, write and read. Twilight won’t move to 75% completed on its own


Ah. Yet another thing I’m not looking forward to as I also have to go food shopping one of these days lol. :sweat_smile: Shopping in general is exhausting. :rofl:

Oof, good luck!! :hugs: :sweat_smile:

I’d also want to start clearing out my TBR of books I already own before getting new ones. Though, that hasn’t been successful. I work at a library and they’ll delete books or we’ll get donations and it adds up. Our cataloger just went through and deleted 300 books in the YA section, and as a YA reader, I couldn’t resist. I now have sixteen books sitting under my desk here at work, waiting to be taken home but can’t because I don’t have much room at home. :rofl: Working here isn’t very healthy for my hoarding problems. :rofl:

It really is! I love the people I work with. It’s a very healthy working environment and everyone is so nice and respectful. But they’re also very friendly, like some of them have been friends for years just by being co-workers. One of our older employees who left for Prague last summer (studying abroad) came back for a few weeks and volunteered on her break, and her and a couple others who were best friends with her, wants to make plans to go rock climbing in Colorado this summer. :sweat_smile:

Happy early birthday to your dad! And axe throwing is awesome! Though, a lot harder than it looks. :rofl:

Ooh! I also want to do that this weekend lol. What types of video games do you play?

Oooh! Yes! Lots of spring stuff!

Ah, you’re reading Twilight?


I have to wake up early in the morning to go food shopping which sucks, but the person I grocery shop likes to go real early in the morning to get it over and done with.

She likes to beat the crowd of people.


Research purposes…


Ah. I feel that. Honestly, I don’t mind grocery shopping in the morning either because there are less people (usually). I’m also the “get it over with” person, so that might also be why. :rofl: But I just go whenever I can or feel up to it, regardless of the time.

… What kind of research? :sweat_smile:

Even though I don’t like Twilight anymore, I’ve had a random urge to watch the series just because it gives that nostalgic vibe… especially now that I’ve been seeing more Twilight related stuff on TikTok. :rofl: TikTok knows.

In no particular order:

  • Pick up a prescription

  • Hike up a hill

  • Finally break in the Blu-ray player I got for Christmas by watching something on it

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I had an outline for vampire in high school book ideas and wanted to see what gave Twilight the uplift it got. Basically, I scratched out my idea, because it wasn’t in the same vein as Twilight. Twilight is an ultimate vampire in high school book and it bores me to tears, so that really is why I shouldn’t be writing vampire in a high school book. I am however reading it to try to figure out how she accomplishes her style. The book is really boring, but her writing is clear and exceptionally easy to read even when she does things you are warned against (like using sentences that start with ‘I’ many times in a row or sidetracks and explains previous para by a following one). Overall, nothing ever stick out, it just a very smooth read. I am super envious of that and want to learn to write like that stylistically.

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Wow! It sounds like one tight-knit group! That’s so incredible :open_mouth:

It sounds like it’s going to be fun! I’m excited to try it out >_< but also slightly nervous I’m going to drop it or mess up and break something :joy: we’ll find out!

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Most of the stuff I need to do is related to studies, unfortunately :joy: :sweat_smile: but I do like (and need) to sneak in time for myself too:

  • Study for an upcoming exam on cancer meds
  • Study for bacteriology and immunological drug quizzes (both on Monday)
  • Prepare for a mock patient counseling with a peer on Tuesday
  • Do the laundry
  • Workout
  • Read or play a bit more Pokemon or Minecraft
  • Watch anime or Youtube
  • Prune certain plants (mainly the oregano and the mint)

I think that’s about it XD


I didn’t do the middle one, but I did the other ones, just in case anybody cares.

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For this coming weekend…same shit just different days.
I don’t have a busy lifestyle nor a fun lifestyle to start with.

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I am happy to report that my living room was cleared from the Christmas décor. We went to look for anything we can use for a spring centerpiece, but didn’t see anything good. We’ll check next weekend :slight_smile:


Hopefully I’ll write two more chapters.

But mostly I’ll be looking after my recovering kitten who’s getting spayed this Friday.


To not die.

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Are you in particular danger of dying this weekend? ʕʘ.ʘʔ

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