Anybody else have a grandparent that loves puzzles?

My grandmother was CRAZY about those find and search jumbo puzzle books.

She would zip through those books in a matter of days. Now, my mom is continuing on my grandma’s love of puzzles with the puzzle books she didn’t get to start.

If you like doing crossword puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, search puzzles, or some other type of puzzle, that is fine too?

Thoughts and feelings?

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Yeah, my Grandma (now deceased) used to love doing those books, especially those crosswords :slight_smile: I occasionally enjoy them and word searches as well.

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I don’t think my grandmother ever did crossword puzzles because I always seen her do search puzzles.

Growing up, she would ALWAYS do those and go through many books.

I will miss that!

She even wanted those word search puzzles on her phone. LOL!

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I need the patience and motivation to do those.

Especially the crossword ones, though the search puzzles are fairly simple.

I will NEVER understand Sudoku.

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I think it’s the older generation’s way of keeping their brains going, past retirement, it keeps them mentally alert and young in a sense. :smiley: Mine went through a lot of books too, puzzle and fiction.

I can do word searches fine, but soduku I never cared about much myself :stuck_out_tongue:

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I’ve heard that somewhere.
That makes total sense.

Same here. I guess I never cared for Sudoku because I could not understand it and found myself getting easily frustrated and dumbfounded.

Jigsaw puzzles are fun too till they get to the thousands pieces then I want to chuck it at a wall.

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Yes. But dhe was born in 1920. Ther wasnt muxh else to do.

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Yeah…very true.