Are fruits and veggies always a hit or miss (more so a miss) at local supermarket?

Calling everyone on this site from different places in the world!

When it comes to buying fruits and vegetables, do you find that it’s been hard to find some fruits and veggies that last a bit longer and/or aren’t always spoiled from the start?

It’s been rough but finding good looking that aren’t nasty looking or with some bad ones in the bunch, is just a major challenge. Some days are great, most days are just plain bad.

But what about you? Do you find that purchasing fruits and veggies from supermarkets, farmer’s markets, and wherever else is always a hit or miss, but it feels more so misses?

Thoughts and feelings?



Lend me your thoughts, please?

If it’s not in season, be suspicious.


Good to know! I just get the fruits and I’ve never thought about that.

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My parents always buy really nice produce and then let it sit in the fridge for two or three weeks until it gets yucky. (♯ᴖ.ლ)

No matter how fresh it is when you buy it, produce has to be eaten the same week you get it. ( -.-)\(^◡^ )


sad realization Yeah…yeah…


Why are you asking me?

I think that Fruit Roll-Ups and Banoffee Pie are fruits, and fries and ketchup are vegetables



Ah, alrighty then. :sweat_smile:


We grow most of our own veggies. The fruits are usually pretty good from the shops depending on the time of the year so it’s not too hard to find decent ones


I tend to buy produce if I’m using it on the day or within a few days. I don’t do big stock ups because they go bad. My house has a veg box subscription from a local farm, and I pilfer from my friend’s allotment sometimes, so that’s where most of my fruit & veg come from :see_no_evil:


Where I live, it is a hit or miss.

We, technically, have three grocery stores. There’s a grocery store that’s small and has half of the basics (produce, condiments, etc.) and half Mexican products. I rarely go there because they’re expensive. But the summer time is horrid because if you go in, they’ll have flies everywhere around the produce and meat and it’s gross.

Then there’s Walmart which I go to regularly. But their produce sucks as well. Some of the dry ones (not in their refrigerated section) is okay, but you do often see rotted produce or what you do buy goes bad within a day or so… which isn’t supposed to be happening. But most of the time, they’re out of the major stuff you need. I recently went to pick up a few dinners and the whole veggie section was empty…

And then we got Dillons. Dillions is the next best thing, but they can be expensive so I rarely go for produce. Like, they want 2+ dollars on a single bell pepper where I can get a package of three at Walmart for 3 dollars. Besides that, they also run out of stuff or they don’t throw away the rotting stuff on the shelf. I’ve gone a few times where the banana shelf was empty but a bunch of rotten ones… and the employees were around just ignoring it.

I’m getting to a point where I want to grow my own… and if only I has space for it. :sweat_smile:


@NotARussianBot, @Churro, @AMMeyers, @Akje, @JojoDahlia, and @alenatenjo:

Aside from fruits and veggies being a hit or miss, what other foods at your local supermarket tends to also be a hit or miss for you?


Depends on the store—and not in ways you might think.

Local chains, and even single-stores, I find tend to be better (and often cheaper!) in the US. Their quality is also great.

When I go to the western part of my state, Ingles (a local chain in Southern Appalachia) has consistently better food than Food Lion (an international chain).

I agree with @NotARussianBot, if its not in season, make sure it wont kill you!

Also hi everyone, long time no see.


Usually, my area is decent with other foods (like not rotting fast or on the shelf). The main issue we have is lack of items because everything sells out fast—at least, specific things you want on specific days. Like there are times when there’s no chicken or milk. I once went and there was no sour cream, butter, or orange juice (as they are stores in a single area). Sometimes, especially with how busy it’s been, it feels like the apocalypse.

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Where have you been, friend?

I remember when you talked to me a while back on how to create a fictional language.

I always admired you on how you’d did that.


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I still conlang and study linguistics! I’m just a computer science major in school lol.

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That’s cool. I sometimes think about creating my own fictional language, then I get overwhelmed by the sheer thought. :sweat_smile: