Are there any hobbies that you wished you got back to after years of "letting go"?

Not because you outgrew it, but rather you pushed it to the side and haven’t gone back to It in years because life, other hobbies, and just stopped thinking about it.

My Turn:

Like I am going to be honest, I used to draw, had a sketch book and how to draw anime characters a LOONG time ago.

I believe that my drawing was just a part of my AuDHD making me act on impulse, then getting defeated and impatient when things wasn’t going right.

I would draw anime eyes, but actual characters, I soon gave up and stuck with writing.

I often do think about drawing for myself, but the way I see it in my head will take twenty years of my life to get to THAT PRO LEVEL, maybe longer. Regardless of me sticking to it and knowing that I am a true newbie, it will be a serious challenge to get there. A lot of internal screeching and tears of frustration.

I might return to drawing some day sooner, just to have fun and not take too seriously, but serious enough to see myself grow as an artist.

So, thoughts and feelings?


One day I would like to get back to…watercolor painting, piano, and hula. But especially piano. One day, I want to play Moonlight Sonata and Reverie.

It will be…or you look at those challenges as fun experiments. I never thought I could learn to draw digitally. I always liked to draw, but I never thought I could use something like Procreate.

Today, that’s what I use quite comfortably.

The extent of my skills in 2019 using some cheap drawing app.

The redraw in 2023 using Procreate.

It took a long time to become comfortable…and I’m still learning. I also only draw for fun. It’s never a chore. I never say, “okay, I am going to practice drawing today”. I only do it when I feel like it. Sometimes I don’t even practice. I just draw whatever I feel like and see where my imagination takes me.

Yes, this :grin:


What about you guys? What are some hobbies you stopped doing and enjoying, but decided to “let go”?

You haven’t given up on it entirely, but you just pushed it to this side and someday you may return to it.

So, are there any?

Your art is so darn cute!
I love it!

Thanks Enna, for real! I always love the comments you give. :blush:

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Thank you!

And you’re welcome :hugs:

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No problem. :grin: :+1:

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I’d love to get back to playing the piano and drawing. I have a Moog synthesizer I haven’t touched in years…I just use it for draping clothes on now. (♯^.^ღ)

Every once in awhile I think about playing my favorite video games again too. I do like listening to the soundtracks at the gym, but never feel like there’s time to play games when I get home. Writing a book takes up time from everything else in life. Argh. (-᷅_-᷄๑)

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Ah, man, I would love to go back to video gaming too!

Like seriously, I want to play Super Mario again! I saw the new Princess Peach and I am just itching to play the game.

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  • Weight lifting and cycling. My favourite gym closed a few years ago, the gear-selector on my bike broke and the cabling is probably rusted, and I don’t have the money or space to continue those hobbies.

  • Model and miniature building and painting. Games Workshop miniatures, and hobby accessories, became comically expensive. I haven’t build a scale model since I was in high school. And, as above, I do not have the finances or space to resume those hobbies. I would need a semi-professional model building / painting room to start again (do it properly this time). Oh, and I’d counter GW’s price hikes with a 3D-printer and / or switch to Battle Tech miniatures (with Australian Army cameo and insignias).

  • Lego and Technic. Some kids don’t grow up, they just grow old. My dream house will have a gym and two hobby rooms…and a photo studio…

  • Nature and wildlife photography.* This hobby was a side effect of my venture into stock photography. Now that industry’s over-saturated and almost worthless (more so with AI), so any hope of building a self-supporting income for this hobby is gone. If finances weren’t an issue I’d take up this hobby again, and combine it with my constant desire for international travel. Maybe start a series of walking film tours like those on YouTube.
    Oh, I grew up in a house filled with art books, and a library’s worth of Black + White and American Photo magazines, so I’ve always had a lingering (in the background) interest in photography…And the film Secret Life of Walter Mitty finally convinced me to buy a camera…

*Welcome to Australia


There are a few…

I was from leaving school, a Glass Blower (Artistic Glass Sculpturer)… I did this for almost 16 years… I miss it dearly… I have always been creative, and with a level of quality of the highest also…

Cycling is also one that I wish I could get back into, but age and life directions have brought it to a halt… For now that is…

Thus I became enamoured with something that I have always wanted to do… Fishkeeping… And a few years ago, I did indeed take this wish on… I have never looked back, but I still wish to go back to some of those things that I miss…

Maybe in time, I will… Who knows?


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  • It’s been a while since I’ve done serious gardening, mainly due to time and space constraints
    Nowadays I only do the bare minimum to keep the plants I have alive, and thankfully they’re low-maintenance. Someday, if I ever get a house with a good-size backyard, I’d love to grow a little garden for vegetables, herbs, and some flowering plants.

  • Building Legos is one I haven’t done since I was a kid, I’d love to pick a set & enjoy a nice afternoon or weekend building it.

  • I’d say drawing, but I still make doodles or simple drawings on my notebooks or Ipad. What I haven’t done in over two years is taking out my sketchbook to do a “serious” drawing project, be it with color pencils or a sketch. Lack of strong motivation I suppose. That or most of my creative motivation is going towards writing, leaving little for drawing.