Art Comissions

I’ve been practicing my art a little more and I’m so happy with some of my recent artwork! I started doing commissions for fellow Wattpad writers in exchange for reads last year, and I think I’ve improved a little bit since then.

So, I’ve decided to hop on here to see if anyone would like some of their characters drawn in exchange for reads? If you’re interested, please fill down the form below:

  1. Username
  2. Favorite Taylor Swift song
  3. Brief physical description of character

P.S. the more detail you want, the more reads I’ll request

Artwork examples:

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Is this still open?



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  1. Username- xtayaxx
  2. Favorite Taylor Swift song- Shake It Off
  3. Brief physical description of character- long black hair, faerie (pointed) ears, brown eyes, slightly tanned skin. Tall. Female. Wears badass black clothes (if that makes sense lol) tiny leaf tattoo on right cheekbone but not compulsory.
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I do require reading as payment before I start

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Link to your story?

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I think you can find it on my account here! I think I listed it on there

Is this still open? I want to request.

Hi! Yes, it is, but I do request payment beforehand, just letting you know!

Hi, hi, I’d love to request from you, but I have a couple of questions before that. :sweat_smile:

  1. How many characters can we request at one go?
  2. Would I be able to post these across socials (with credit of course)?
  3. Do you do ‘scenes’? Like, characters interacting and whatnot?

That’s all I have for now XD Have a good day!

  1. You can request a couple, but not too many because I work and go to school. And the more characters you’d like drawn, the higher the payment. It depends on how many you’d like to request!

  2. Yes, of course! As long as you tag me and give me due credit, you’re welcome to share my art

  3. I haven’t done scenes before, but I’m up for a challenge! It will take me longer to complete the piece, and the payment will be higher (payment as in reading more chapters than the usual requirement)

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  1. Username: @shakespearian1 (although I prefer Rue Jay Hamilton)
  2. Favorite Taylor Swift song: “I Think He Knows”
  3. Brief physical description of character: Okay, Mercy – long, black body waves for hair. She has very rich brown skin. Her eyes are upturned with thick black lashes. She wears a diadem on her head, and a labradorite pendant hangs in the middle of her chest. Her dress is blood-red. She has an athletic build.

Note: Mercy is not ever going to be a Wattpad character, but if you’re willing, I can share the Doc with you of what I have so far, and you can get a gist for her character if you accept. I’ll shout you out on my blog and on Wattpad in addition to your required payment if done so.

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I’ll request five chapters for this piece on Wattpad for any of my books! Once you’ve completed payment, I’ll start sketching your character!

Ok I really like your art! I’ll give it a go:

I’m not sure how comfortable you are drawing male characters, so I’ll start with a girl if its alright!

  1. Username - NatilladeCoco
  2. Favorite Taylor Swift song - Love Story
  3. Brief description of character - Eila: 11 years old, long black hair, slightly tanned skin, blue eyes, usually wears a sun hat and a dark blue dress with flower patterns. Black or brown boots (if doing full body)

Also, for payment, is there a specific amount of comments you’d like? (if required)

I’d also like to know if you are comfortable with drawing male characters.

If you’re still open~ :slight_smile:
I have two characters that I’d like to be drawn together if that’s okay, please.

Username: HKelle (kgravez on Wattpad)
Password: …I don’t know any Taylor Swift songs off the top of my head, sorry :sweat_smile:

**Brief Character Descriptions**

Skye and Vale. They’re a couple.

Vale is 18 years old and 6’0” tall and lean.
She wears a moon choker, a tight crop top, tight leather pants, heeled knee high boots, and a long black sleeveless leather cloak. (Ignore Vale’s mask lol).

Skye is 18 and 5’2”.
Skye’s outfit is tattered and drab-colored. She’s got an equally tattered scarf she wears. (Ignore the blue coat she’s wearing).