As a writer, would you rather have a large desk or small desk?


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Whatever works best for you and makes you comfortable.
You can write almost anywhere. LOL!

Very cool desk. You my good sir have great taste in desks.

I do write everywhere. :joy:

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See? Writers can take their creativity and passion any place they want instead of staying in one spot.

That is the beauty of being a writer.
:blush: :grin:

At least that is how I see it.

I’d have one like this. It looks medium to me? Idk. If in this stupid market, we ever manage to get a house, I’m desperate for my own office. I’d have bookshelves, a desk like this, speakers. Ugh it’d be epic.
I love the thought of a desk with storage to put books, notebooks and whatever. I’d have my laptop set up with like photos and space for my tea XD


Large. I have a small one with storage space at the moment but it wasn’t my choice. Plus, all I can fit on top is my monitor, tower, speakers, mouse and keyboard. Which isn’t ideal when you want to write something physically.

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