Ask me about Premier City

I made a new story called Premier City. The main characters are Evander and Marty.

Evander Apollo is 27 years old and lives in Dominican Heights. He has worked for Marty as his security guard and right hand man for the past two years. He was previously a bouncer but got promoted.

Marty Vincent is 55 and he owns three nightclubs in the local area (Fuego, Midnite Train and L8 Lounge). He’s a businessman who worked his way up through the ranks in the 80s/90s to become a millionaire. He also has a chaotic past.

Feel free to ask me questions about them and their lives or the city itself.


The only question I ever have about any book is this: what’s the internal conflict? Every character wants something, but there’s an obstacle keeping them from getting it. What does each of them want, and what’s preventing them from having it? ¯\_(ﭢ)_/¯

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Evander wants to make enough money, through being Marty’s bodyguard to move away to somewhere more quiet. He wants to make money, and leave Marty but he’s also close to Marty and attached to him as a good friend (it’s like a kinda father-son relationship in a way). The conflict is that he wants to move on to some place other than Premier City, but also stay working for Marty because he likes it, and he enjoys secretly being around him.

Marty wants to be out of debt to the local Carlotta crime family he owes debt to. When he fails to meet the deadline for his loan being paid back, they come after him and give him a month to fix things. He has to figure out a way to raise the money, but Marty also wants to open a fourth club. The conflict is that he knows he has to be honest and pay the money back, but he wants to keep it for his own selfish gain and investments, but knows he can’t.


How many Mcdonalds are in Premier City and which are the best for hangovers?


There are seven, and the one in Dominican Heights is banging because they use extra bacon, and they also have very strong coffee which helps hangovers. The one in 6th and Central is good too because it is owned by Omar Abbas and he takes his quality control very seriously.